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Power Your Ideas with Secure
cloud hosting

Experience scalability, robustness, redundancy, high availability and performance on our cloud hosting platform in India powered by Onapp.

INR 1595/mo

INR 2.21/hr
  • 1 CORE
  • 1GB RAM
  • 50GB Storage
  • 1 IP
  • 50GB Transfer

INR 5995/mo

INR 8.3/hr
  • 4 CORE
  • 4GB RAM
  • 200GB Storage
  • 2 IP
  • 400GB Transfer
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INR 9995/mo

INR 13.88/hr
  • 6 CORE
  • 12GB RAM
  • 300GB Storage
  • 2 IP
  • 1600GB Transfer

INR 16995/mo

INR 23.60/hr
  • 8 CORE
  • 24GB RAM
  • 400GB Storage
  • 2 IP
  • 6400GB Transfer

Build Your
Own Cloud

You can now
customize your cloud server & build as per your requirements. Choose from CPU,
RAM, Storage,
Transfer, OS etc.

Reliable Cloud Hosting Instances

Our cloud server hosting plans come with next generation hypervisors. All our hypervisors are running with Dual Intel Hexa Core Xeon (E5-2620v2) processors or greater. The storage is powered by Netapp which offers tier III architecture between SSD, SAS & SATA storage to ensure most optimum performance and higher IOPS. OnApp architecture guarantees you have complete redundancy at all levels on our Xen platform.

Flexible Billing

We support utility billing and offer flexible billing facility. It means you will be paying only for your utilized resources with no extra charges.

Auto Scaling

A rapid and easy to configure auto-scaling is available for servers. So, servers can up and down according to the distinct requirements.

Lower Cost Storage

We provide the best possible lower cost storage to facilitate you in all aspects. Avail secure and durable data storage for data archiving and backup.

Easy Cloud Management

We strive hard to make cloud management as easy as possible for our valued customers. We handle the cloud resource deployment and server management.

Innate Control Panel

It is the fastest and most customizable way of provisioning and management of cloud services. Fully managed services with technical support are also available.

Redundant Storage

A huge storage pool of high performance is offered that is best suited for continuously changing business requirements.

Fully Redundant Network

A fully redundant network design will ensure that your website will remain available with zero interruption.

Huge VM Template Library

An entire library of templates is offered where you will get numerous of ready to run VMs for your cloud. Customization is also possible at the hour of need.

We offer tailor-made cloud hosting plans that can significantly scale up with your growing business demands. Underpinned by breakthrough security measures and unparalleled technology, we build the best user experience. You can instantly provision compute power, storage and other resources, and gain access to a suite of scalable IT services as your business demands them.

Now focus more on long-term ROI and business efficiency with our elastic cloud hosting services in India.

Extensive Cloud Server Hosting Control

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