Rising customer expectations with fast changing technologies are taking the hospitality sector by storm. Over the past few years, the sector has witnessed radical changes, especially with respect to addressing guest expectations. It’s no secret that the key drivers behind this shift are the ease and simplicity of avant-garde technologies, like mobile, cloud computing, and social media. Such innovations have led companies to achieve faster time to deliver their services on the basis of predictive analytics. The change is positive, which aims to deliver real-time, tailor-made customer experience using the data they have congregated through multiple sources.

Forward-looking leaders are leveraging technological innovations to win on their customers’ heart.

This industry is making biggest technology investments to date to support continued innovation and its expansion worldwide. For example - Today, forward-looking leaders in the hospitality sector are replacing time-consuming check-in and check-out lines to streamline the process for their guests. They are putting their best foot forward to ascertain high-end guest experience. Guests can swiftly check in their hotel rooms while being escorted by polite staff – right from their destination (airport, railway station, or a bus stop). Besides, guests are escorted after the check-out to their cabs and are informed about the traffic jams, flight status, etc. These innovations have completely transformed the business outlook at a strategic level.

Businesses are gleaning value from big data and analytics. Sensing the potential of data in today’s data-driven environment, organizations across multiple sectors are gearing up for big data initiatives. The data gathered from various channels, devices, including social media posts, all help in tailoring personalized customer experience.

This ongoing change has bought some evident shifts throughout the hospitality sector:

Guest Experience through Swift Integration: Every guest has his/her unique requirements, budget, and priorities. Every guest is least bothered about how the business functions and most interested in how the service were delivered to them. So, organizing data into silos wouldn’t be a sagacious decision. In order to ensure the best guest experience, hotel, restaurants and beverage service operators should consider the guest as an individual entity by making swift system integration. To put it simply, today most of the leading hotel providers are integrating all the information about their foods and beverages with price list, leisure systems and other offered services with different hotel applications to create a holistic guest profile. This integrated information about the hotel facilities and services around can be accessed by the guests on their personal devices. This in turn, enables guests to customize the service, place an order, check pricing, and book an appointment in a saloon anytime during their stay at the hotel.

To be honest, the role of smartphones can’t be overlooked to the road to transformation. It allows guests to access all the information on their own personal devices. For example, they can connect their mobile phone to in-room TVs and sound systems to listen music or watch movies.

Consistent guest experience: You must have come across headlines wherein some leading service providers has failed owing to inconsistency in their offerings. Although they performed really well initially – but later on failed. It takes lot of efforts, influential strategies, and forward approach to manage the successful restaurant. The biggest challenge is to replicate the same success across the chain of tens or hundreds of restaurants. Well, this can be only done with the help of robust technology. Instead of keeping information on an individual point-of-sale system at each restaurant chain, move it on to the cloud. The information can be accessed beyond the geographic without being bothered about underlying IT resources management and maintenance. Cloud computing is burgeoning and expeditiously expanding its reach to leverage different business verticals across geographies. This marked shift ensures seamless guest experience. The service providers can leverage centralize reporting to view and fix all kind of problems – right from guest choice to food taste.

Well, the hospitality sector is expected to undergo multiple changes in the years to come. Leading technology like cloud computing will feed motivation in the service providers to ensure personalized guest experience.