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Cloud Server Hosting Or Dedicated Server Hosting, What Should You Prefer?

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It depends on various factors to decide in favour of an either Cloud server hosting or a dedicated server hosting. It is best to know about both the server hosting services first to be able to decide which server hosting is best suitable to satisfy the needs of the business.

About Cloud Hosting

Cloud server hosting is a hosting service which is based on Cloud computing technology. This technology allows unlimited number of physical machines to perform like a single system, to form a Cloud. So, in a Cloud server hosting, the website is hosted on the virtual partition of the server, instead of being hosted on the actual server. This virtual partition of the server draws its resources from the network of underlying existing physical servers’ machines.

Cloud server hosting has proved itself as a highly reliable hosting service. It draws its resources from number of servers. So, if one of them fails, the other server immediately provides backup to continue uninterrupted service. Cloud server hosting can grow in size by adding additional resources, with the growing needs of a growing business.

About Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting is a single physical machine server dedicated to a single client or user. The client’s website with all necessary files are stored on a single physical server, dedicated to hosting of that single website.

This dedicated hosting service is the most expensive hosting service. But a dedicated hosting service also provides highest of hosting performance, as its configuration is customizable by the client. It is also the best hosting service for businesses with very high traffic to the business website.

So, Which One to Choose?

It depends on the size and the needs of the business. If it is a mega business structure with highest of traffic, one should opt for dedicated server hosting. The smaller business organizations should be well served by a Cloud server hosting.

The pricing is also important. Dedicated server hosting is the costliest. Cloud server hosting uses scalable service and the client needs to pay for only the resources, she/he has used, instead of prefixed monthly or yearly rent.

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Today, the new paradigm of cloud hosting means that businesses don’t necessarily need to follow this traditional path and can start building a website on a managed cloud plan with pre-integrated platform support for Varnish Cache, Memcached, Nginx, CDNs, etc. that previously would have taken many hours in developer time to build on a custom dedicated server independently.

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