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Main Reasons for SMBs to Buy More Dedicated Server
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Author:  Gaurav Mani [ Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Main Reasons for SMBs to Buy More Dedicated Server

What are the Main Reasons for SMBs to Buy More Dedicated Server?

Author:  SinghAnnu895 [ Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Main Reasons for SMBs to Buy More Dedicated Server

The benefits of the cloud cannot be undermined however; it does not suit the needs of every type of business. Lack of experience, knowledge and basic business necessities are a few points that make SMBs prefer the dedicated server over the cloud.

A dedicated server is unconditionally with one single organization. Even though they are expensive, users can get the best performance. In contrast, the cloud has several users sharing the storage, network etc. Calculations can become erratic more so when one user scales the resources which could severely slow down and result in traffic spikes. This risk is not there when you use a dedicated server.

Cloud redundancy is more of a myth than a reality. When a cloud node faces issues, it could slow down the performance and set up another virtual node does take time. It cannot be deployed instantly.

One of the chief reasons for propagating the cloud has been its scalability. However, the users can scale only the resources like space, RAM or bandwidth. The feature is available with a dedicated server also though it is slightly slower and not as simple as in the cloud. You cannot scale the applications that are housed in some remote locations. You must build your applications and provide for scalability. An SMB does not necessarily require scalable features. When experiencing traffic spikes, increasing the configuration by upgrading can resolve the issue.

Yet another reason why the SMBs prefer to stick to the dedicated server is that they fear the cloud. You do not know where your data is. With a dedicated server, you can be assured the data is in-house. There is total seclusion, ultimate privacy and enhanced security in dedicated servers which are not available in the cloud technology.

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