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When To Move To A Windows Dedicated Hosting?
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Author:  Riya.Mehta [ Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:26 pm ]
Post subject:  When To Move To A Windows Dedicated Hosting?

When To Move To A Windows Dedicated Hosting?

Author:  Abhishek Sharma [ Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: When To Move To A Windows Dedicated Hosting?

Windows Dedicated Hosting is more popular hosting service among the users of dedicated hosting service because Windows operating system is a much-adopted operating system by people. People have grown used to Windows operating system, since they use Windows at their homes also. But there are situations where Windows operating system becomes a necessity.

Dedicated Hosting service is generally opted by those business organizations who are doing all their business activities online, such as E Commerce houses or giant business organizations. The web sites of such business organizations generally have a super heavy traffic of web site visitors, sometimes numbering in millions, during peak business hours. Dedicated hosting service becomes essential for hosting such business web sites, as this type of traffic of web site visitors can only be handled by dedicated hosting service, which dedicated all its computing resources to a single user.

Windows Operating System has Some Special Features to Consider. They Are-

• ASP Tutorial or Active Server Page Tutorial, which is a basic web site designer and its framework can be used to create web pages.

• FrontPage, which is a What you see is What you get web page creator. It is also known as WYS/WYG, which allows the users to create forms and web pages in place and then easily upload the page on the user’s web site.

• .NET is a software which provides arrange of solutions. These solutions include security, application development, connectivity and many such more.

• Windows Streaming Media, which is a means to serve video and audio files to the public and is very much used in the web sites of music bands or in web sites of movie trailers.

• Access is a data base system which is used as a back bone of various applications.

• MsSql is a relational data base which is more often used with ASP or with Cold fusion.

Windows Dedicated hosting is a need-based preference, depending on the requirement of the user. CloudOYE is the leading service provider of Windows Dedicated Hosting at an affordable price.

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