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Who Uses Amazon Web Services?
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Author:  Aarush Gupta [ Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Who Uses Amazon Web Services?

Who Uses Amazon Web Services?

Author:  Stacy Broom [ Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who Uses Amazon Web Services?

There are many major global companies, who are currently the users of Amazon Web Services. These companies having a global level company’s workload, use Amazon Web Services for availing top level performance. Amazon web Services is the company, that provides enterprise level deployment to its users.

As per the latest survey report provided by Amazon, the current number of active users of Amazon Web Services, throughout the world, is more than One million.

The enterprise level users of Amazon web Services make up to minimum 10% of the total number of AWS users. Rest of the percentage of AWS users comprises of small and medium sized companies. This is a report submitted by private consulting firms. This report is based on recent polls, conducted by these private consulting firms.

Netflix, is the most major early user of Amazon Web Services. Netflix consumed almost the entire resources available to Amazon web Services, during the initial year of 2009, when it adopted AWS. Netflix helped Amazon Web Services to improve its services and do better, to meet the requirements of its customers. Netflix helped AWS to build the full, enterprise scale integrated set of services, that AWS is today.

Netflix closed last of its main data centers by mid-2015. It moved its entire IT operations to Amazon Web Services. Other major enterprises also moved their entire IT operations to Amazon Web Services. These are Intuit, Hertz, and Time Inc. These companies expressed their trust with Amazon Web Services.

AWS handled all their transactions, customer data bases, with the rest of the information infrastructure, on which these companies depend and exist. These companies are the major witnesses of the ability of AWS, to meet the requirements of clients, who are of enterprise level.

The other major users of AWS are Unilever, GE Oil and Gas, Kellogg’s, G4S, Met Office, and many other similar biggest names.

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