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GPU Dedicated Servers

Planning to invest in a new dedicated server? Most businesses do not have GPU or Graphical Processing Unit dedicated servers as their first choice while shopping for dedicated servers. Most users prefer buying conventional CPUs. They are typically used for applications that are resource-intensive. It is a well-known fact that such CPUs are slow in performance.

GPU dedicated servers are recommended for businesses as they are designed to processes more tasks at a greater speed. This is possible because the server is powered by a powerful parallel architecture. They were initially developed to handle the computation process of computer graphics exclusively. However, with advancement in technology, GPUs have been programmed to do more complex applications in the area of computation.

GPU dedicated servers come equipped with robust graphics processors thus preparing them for intensive use. They can speed up parallel task processing with their superior computing power. GPU dedicated server offers many advantages over their CPU counterparts.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider using GPU dedicated servers:

The Benefits of GPU Offloading

GPUs are designed for super-fast 3D processing. They also have the ability to crunch complex numbers quickly and accurately. GPUs come with tens of thousands of cores. That’s why they are able to handle thousands of threads simultaneously despite the fact that they generally operate at lower speeds.

The CPU Can Be Saved for Bigger Tasks

Users often run heavy load tasks on the CPU. This can result in the whole system slowing down. Assigning intensive tasks to the GPU is a simple but effective way of freeing up vital system resources and ensures all-round consistent performance. The best way to do it is to assign your toughest workloads to your GPU and send the sequential processes to the CPU. End users can enjoy an enhanced level of performance when you use your GPU and CPU functions judiciously.

Parallel Environments Provide the Ideal Setting for Big Data

Big Data tasks that involve carrying out specific operations repetitively are the ones that create business value. By using GPU for Big Data tasks you can speed up the work process as GPU comes with a large number of cores that splits up the processes effectively to ensure faster and accurate number crunching.

Saves You on Energy Bills

Every environment –conscious organization tries to do their bit for the betterment of the environment. By using GPU, you can also become a responsible entity as they can carry out energy-efficient computing. GPU-equipped systems can carry out complex processes by using less energy and thus draws less power. It can bring down your energy bill substantially.

Compatible with Most Software Systems

GPUs are compatible with nearly all modern software packages. Some advanced dedicated server packages even allow you to parallelize your existing code. The compiler is offered tips on which work to offload to the GPU and when. This is one huge benefit of using GPU so why not go for it?

Machine Learning Processes Can Be Handled Better

GPU can help you manage processes such as AI training and deep learning better. GPU dedicated servers are capable of feeding large volumes of data to developing algorithms and that too in parallel. This unique capability of the server can make your job of managing your software systems easier.

GPUs can solve almost all types of complex challenges that companies face in various areas of business management.

  • GPUs can generate high quality animations and images on the sheer strength of its computing power.
  • The same can also be used for the critical process of developing and testing vital business applications.
  • You can build high performance VDIs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructures by combining the GPU technology with the best hypervisors available on the market.
  • GPU hosting can be outsourced to the cloud for online gaming and other similar resource-intensive applications.
  • It can be used for providing remote workstations for professionals who deal in 3D applications. Designers and architects can benefit from this feature.
  • Video encoding can be accelerated by using GPUs because of the ability to process parallel workloads.

The best quality GPUs can be used for achieving a huge improvement in throughput and it can also save companies money. Advanced GPU server systems can replace dozens of CPU nodes and can be used for a variety of applications. It can result in the savings in overall data costs.

Then there are GPUS that are designed specifically for virtualization. They are powered by state-of-the-art technology which can result in significant improvement in speed and performance. Many users can share graphic card resources concurrently.

While shopping for GPU dedicated servers, it is important to choose from a company that is known for their ground-breaking innovations in the field of emerging server technologies. Choose a brand that enjoys a great reputation and can offer better value for money than other brands available on the market.

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