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Active Directory

Active directory is a directory service and a centralized system started mainly to track and monitor information about domains but has now developed further to record online data flow with appropriate security measures. It was developed by Microsoft way back in 1999 for the Windows operating system to gain access to domain information. Directory service can be defined as a hierarchical structure that gives a single point of access that records all the user accounts and related passwords in an organization, monitors the servers and its applications and offers access to the different extensions of networking operations to the web.


Active directory hierarchical pattern is divided on three levels of forest, tree and domains or objects. Here the forest is the main object that can view all the trees and domains while the second level has the trees with each tree having domains. The levels stop here. Each structure is classified into two main categories. One is the resources that cover all hardware devices like printers and scanners while the other category is the network servers that come with unique security identifiers. The directory is an important system administrator to update and upgrade in a single step process.


Active directory offers a centralized administration structure over a large network. It has an automated system of communication between the various levels. Users can get access to the different levels of the network depends on the authorization given. The resources in the network are well protected with high security mechanism that checks upon the identity and authorization of each user and accordingly gives access. Because of its high security measures, the activities are not visible to the end users. It has the capability to manage numerous objects within a single domain with a single step process. Similarly it has the flexibility to allow making changes to any particular object without affecting the other objects or giving them access to the changes.

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