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In the modern day digital ecosystem, one way in which businesses can ensure that their applications and websites remain available at all times is through cloud hosting. So, instead of running software from servers that are hosted on-premise companies prefer to utilize virtual instances that are offered by providers like AWS or Amazon Web Services. The AWS CloudWatch will monitor your AWS resources and also apps which you run on the AWS in real time.

In other words, the AWS CloudWatch may be used for collecting and tracking metrics or the variables which you use for measuring resources and apps. The CloudWatch will then send notifications and alarms or make changes to resources automatically based upon the rules defined by users. AWS CloudWatch can monitor resources like the Amazon EC2 instances, RDS database instances and Elastic Load Balancers. This application will also offer metrics for latency, CPU usage, request counts etc.

Users may also include some extra metrics for monitoring like memory usage, error rates and transaction volumes. So, you may be able to monitor your CPU usage or disk reading and writing of Amazon EC2 instances. You can then use this input to understand whether you need to launch additional instances for handling the extra load. You may even use this information to halt the under-used instances so as to save money. Finally, you can even monitor custom metrics. So, in short, AWS CloudWatch will allow you to get visibility into your resources usage, application performances and overall operational health.

While custom alarms may be built for providing real-time notifications whenever specific metrics will appear in logs, dashboards are built for displaying graphics or statistics. These features ensure that administrators can monitor many instances through one console easily. All features are robust and easily customizable, letting administrators monitor the AWS managed cloud services properly and ensuring that these run optimally.

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