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Gentoo is a Linux distribution flavor and allows the users to configure their system as per their specific requirements. It is a free operating system based on FreeBSD or Linux. Gentoo VPS can be customized for any type of development code and offers in-depth documentation for its users. It is built around the source code and can be optimized for all types of applications.

Gentoo uses a system called Portage that enables an easy and smooth package installation from the source code. Portage makes the installation easier from the source code and comes with several package options. It makes Gentoo VPS an ideal secured server platform suitable for gaming systems, professional desktops, development workstations etc.

Portage Performs Several Functions for Gentoo:

- It is the Software Distribution System: Portage updates the user’s “Portage Tree” over the internet with just one command line. The tree reveals all the scripts that are available to Portage for use to create and install Gentoo packages. There are over 10,000 packages available that are updated frequently and new packages too are installed as and when required.

- It is a Package Building and Installation System: Portage automatically builds a customized version of the package to suit the user’s specific requirements. The users can optimize the hardware and ensure that the optional features which are required can be enabled and those that are not required can be kept disabled.

- It Updates System: With a single command user can get all the required packages installed and updated automatically on their system.

Gentoo VPS aims to deliver intensive development for virtualization techniques. Virtualization is a methodology adopted to divide the resources of a server into virtual environments creating multiple partitions of virtual machines or virtual private servers on a powerful physical server. Gentoo VPS is ideal for the hard core Linux users that find the huge documentation suitable for their use.

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