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Cloud Computing Demystified

This eBook explains about the importance of cloud computing as well as
various service offerings of CloudOYE

CloudOYE eBook Preview

It is a computing paradigm, wherein a huge cluster of systems are interconnected in a public or private network to provide highly resilient infrastructure for housing business critical applications and confidential files in a secured environment. It delivers computing services over the web and allows individuals as well as businesses to use hardware components and software applications managed by the third party service providers at remote locations.

The cloud computing facilitates easy access to resources and information from anywhere over a network with the internet connectivity. By embracing this technology, users can experience significant cost benefits as it transforms the capital-intensive data center set-up to a variable priced environment.

The technology is based on the fundamental principal of reusability of the IT capabilities. The most popular examples of cloud services are online file storage, webmail, online business applications, and social networking sites.

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