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Are you looking for a Joomla website hosting company in India? Look no further than CloudOYE! At CloudOYE, we complete your managed Joomla hosting experience with a solution that advocates performance, security, and freedom. Each of our web hosting solutions is fine-tuned, blazing fast, and ready for you! Choose the high-speed package tailored to your needs.

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In many ways Joomla is the right resource for accomplishing your goals, which are associated with web projects. It helps users deal with practical issues of website development and stands out from number of other Content Management Systems in facing real life challenges.

The standardized attributes and core settings of Joomla are applicable across the entire CMS and can be operated independent of each other or can also be run in association with each other. It is possible to impart different appearance to individual pages with desired number or combinations of settings to make every page appear in multiple styles.

Impressive attributes of Joomla

Joomla is originally designed for the purpose of content management and is perceived as a hardcore Content Management System. It offers a lot of interface screens and myriad of options for generating, creating, sorting, displaying and organizing content in multiple ways.

Powerful content management

Features of content management become more relevant with growth of the web application or website. If your website is designed to include broad assortment of sections, menus, or articles, then you can easily manage these with Joomla! interface.

There is no need for additional code for accessing different menus, tags, and categories because Joomla offers a button or switch to accomplish anything that is desired. Even the third party applications can be accessed without any hassles.

These features can ideally be suitable for websites that are intended to accommodate huge volume of content or having complex architectures. Joomla hosting allows individuals with little or no experience in coding can design websites with ease.

Standardized functionality

If you are required to self manage your site, then Joomla supports this by providing standardized architecture format. It can even facilitate training to staff or clients for enabling hassle-free content management.

Majority of powerful features of Joomla can be attributed to standardized controls that help homogenous operation of these features. The standardization of core functions boosts security and stability of Joomla websites.

In addition, the standardized features also help simplify learning. One can automatically learn to create tags and categories by learning how to create articles. If you happen to be an advanced user, then Joomla has you covered because even the underlying PHP infrastructure of Joomla is standardized.

How Joomla can support content management

Ideal for user management

Joomla is the perfect Content Management System for subscription based websites such as forum or community websites or all types of websites that require users to register themselves.

Presence of a multitude of levels for Access Control Lists and a robust user registration system makes Joomla! A right choice for management of user accounts or features to restrict content.

In addition to standard Access Control Levels, one can also create multiple user control levels as may be required. These can also be supported with all custom settings for permissions to cover eve third party extensions. What’s more, all these features are offered out of box with Joomla CMS.

Support for multi-linguistic sites

Websites of multinational organizations or web projects that involve several global locations can leverage the extensive language support offered by Joomla.

Standardization is one of the most vital attributes of Joomla hosting and the same extends to language settings as well. These can be further applied in multiple ways such as allowing users from several locations can independently choose to work in their chosen language. The multi-linguistic features of Joomla can even be expanded to cover multiple applications.

Superior template control

Unlike other CMS platforms those are only able to support a uniform template design, Joomla allows users to create different template settings to support different pages or you can even enrich your website with multiple template designs. This can be easily achieved by accessing built-in settings that are available right within the interface of templates.


Joomla hosting offers extensive support to new as well as existing Joomla websites with features such as instant activation or free transfer of Websites.

Joomla can prove to be a great CMS for websites that need to accommodate changes in designs frequently. Joomla hosting allows use of the versatile and open source CMS as .com or .org. Users can always rely on the active Joomla! Community for seeking help to get started.

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