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Data Center India

Learn more about data centers India

Demand for data storage and its capacity to scale is increasing at an exceptional rate. Data center services in India understand such demands and thus have shown enormous growth in the market. There are so many new organizations been founded in the Indian market that specialize in data center India services. The data centers in India follow this mantra of managing their knowledge center with all the internal functions. We at CloudOye have years of in-market expertise and popular due to its PAN India presence.

Each of the data centers India holds thousands of customers nationally as well as internationally. As the demands have surged we have expanded more in order to twin fold our capacities and extend it to each of our customers. In some more years down the line, we expect to have data centers in each of the metro cities. Hence whatever may be the size of your business, not to worry once you have parked your worries here at CloudOye. Our in-house IT experts are our pillars and are the sole reason for making CloudOye to stand apart in the market. So give us a chance to host your IT infrastructure and you won’t regret it even once.

The CloudOye data center at our Jaipur and Noida locations are known for their N+1 redundancy. Being located at such a prime location We have been awarded for our outstanding services and have been certified for the same. This has all been possible due to our long-lived customer centric approach. A customer-centric approach needs robust facilities, efficient designs, and world-class risk management. We take pride in integrating all of this keeping in mind not to deteriorate the environment by applications of green technologies.

Here is a set of testimonials to prove our dedication into our service and meeting the expectations of our customers-

  • “We always prefer CloudOye hosting as first of all it is an Indian company and on top of that provides good services throughout. Since when I have hosted my first website, I have been continuing with their service. All of their hosting plans like cloud hosting or VPS hosting are worth giving a try.”
  • “CloudOye is one of the best data centers in India promising you with the best uptime in the market. Apart from uptime, their loading speeds are superb and at such affordable pricing. The feature is the live chat feature with which you can chat with their support team 24*7 and discuss any kinds of business needs. When it comes to pricing then also it is so pocket-friendly with a flexible pricing option with which you have the privilege to customize your hosting plan. At last, I want to say thanks to their technical support team for staying with us during very difficult times.”
  • “I am so grateful for the world-class data center services India and their instant responses and amazing service. If you are looking out for a data centers in India, then you must try CloudOye data center service. The technical staff that they have deployed are exemplary and might solve some of your issues within the span of minutes.”
  • “After talking to the technical support team at CloudOye I quickly migrated from my past hosting provider to their cloud hosting plan. There so many other reasons apart from their amazing customer service to pick CloudOye as their hosting provider. They are always keen to help and solve your issue then and there and do not let you hanging upon it. Even after being their customer for years, they still treat us with the same enthusiasm with 100% dedication.
  • “When our websites were hosted on CloudOye, we experienced no downtime. Such consistency at such an impressive pricing range is rare to find. They have the best in the client management portal.”

Our noteworthy features

As your company grows in terms of the number of employees and clients, along with that data also grows accordingly. If you do not plan on how to deal with this data before, the situation might turn into havoc in no time. To handle such increased data one needs to have the best data center services India. Our features noteworthy features have helped us in gaining that position and popularity in the market and among our customers-

  1. Ideal location and infrastructure-

    Already companies trust data centers with their valuable data, hence you expect that the location of your data center should not be very remote. Such a problem does not even exist in the dictionary of CloudOye. Our only motive is to make you tension free once you have trusted us with your voluminous data and chosen our data center to get hosted out of thousands of data centers in India. Keeping this in mind, our data centers are located in the most prime locations in the country. Our data centers are located in Noida and Jaipur that is a very prime location in the country. With negligible power outage and exceptional connectivity, these are one of the most desirable locations. The proximity of the location makes our data centers more reliable. The infrastructure is also world-class that keeps all the servers up throughout.
  2. Reliable and efficient -

    The reliability of a data center depends on the quality of the equipment and how it has been set up altogether. CloudOye data center India follows the data center Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concept so as to optimize your efforts. This minimizes your expenses and also the probability of simultaneous failures. By reliability, we mean that our services are available 24*7 so as to completely remove the instance of downtime. Our reliability being top-notch will not impact the operating costs by maintaining and eliminating any kind of repair spending. For this, we maintain the reliability of at least 99.995% so as to deliver efficient functioning and easing you at your business. The data should be available as smooth as possible for all your applications.
  3. Data redundant -

    We make it our top-most priority to maintain data redundancy in unexpected situations. There are some emergencies when if your data center does not have a disaster recovery plan then you will end up losing a lot. Redundancy of million worth of data is the minimum you can ask for and we at CloudOye understand it very well. Or this you can consult any of our data center personal who will brief you regarding our data redundant service.
  4. No compromise at data security-

    You should withdraw your data instantly if they are not insuring you with world-class data security. Losses due to a data breach can be unacceptable and unexpected sometimes. You cannot even a 1% risk with the security of your data as it cost you in millions. Our data security feature is claimed to be the best out of all the data center services India. This makes your mission-critical infrastructure free from any kind of data breaches. Our strategically located data centers are positioned such that your data is secured from natural disastrous factors. Apart from our location we ace at our access control systems and biometrics systems. Not everyone working at CloudOye gets access to the data centers. We have imposed strict restrictions like passcodes and access cards in addition to biometrics. You as a client can also visit the data centers after getting proper access and witness the world-class security by yourself.
  5. Exceptionally scalable -

    We know it is not possible for any enterprise to stay there from where they started with. A business needs to grow to stay relevant in the market and to adapt to such a constantly changing market trend one needs a scalable data center like ours. We prepare plans of expansion beforehand and all the additional resources for the same pre-prepared. The best part of our data center is that you can scale up any time without the need for any kind of notice period. Scalability is the lifeline of any data center India and we are the best at it. CloudOye’s multi-layered security and resistant architecture helps in achieving 99.995% reliability constantly.

Our Indian Data Center Specification

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