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Bulk Mail as a Service

What is Bulk Email as a Services Hosting?

Bulk emailing is highly popular marketing tool,used by businesses of all sizes to generate leads and increase sales for their business. While organizations, have multiple e-mail strategies, mass bulk mailing service remains the most popular amongst these. Bulk mailing includes various functionalities, in addition to, providing reporting tools to keep a track of critical metrics like mail receipts, opens, opt-outs, clicks, and shares of emails.

CloudOYE is a trusted Bulk Mail as a Service provider, offering an array of custom-built solutions to keep businesses ahead of the innovation curve. We provide tailored email hosting services to match client requirements, while empowering them to send thousands of emails in just one go. We have partnered with leading internet service providers and to help our clients send permission-based emails to their recipients’ inboxes rather than in the spam folder.

We have the right policies and procedures in place to ensure that you stay compliant with your email laws. Our team of email hosting experts help you get started — right from uploading your existing email contacts on the server or keeping your emails secure. Whether you need a dedicated server, VPS, shared server, or a cloud server – we are equipped with resources to cater to all your needs at competitive prices.

Why bulk email hosting important?

Email marketing has become one of the best ways of marketing these days. It helps in engaging your customers in their purpose and yet so professional. Irrespective of your business, email marketing has proved to be beneficial for all types of eCommerce websites. But for successful email marketing and get the desired returns, a good bulk email hosting is essential. This will make it easy tasks like managing email campaigns, sending text message sin bulk and will save your time simultaneously. Here are some features that will compel you to get the most suitable bulk email hosting provider for your website-

Dedicated hardware – Mass emailing asks for dedicated hardware to care for it. They are dedicated to this specific purpose only.

No limitation on bulk emailing – Unlimited with very few limitations only on emails that might unlawful in some of the other senses.

Filtering dynamic abuse- Deliverability is the foremost factor for bulk emailing in email marketing. This feature of bulk email hosting is very important as it filters out if there is any abuse or derogatory statements.

No restriction on the type of email client- Our bulk email server poses no restriction on the type of email client. Hence, you can use whichever email client with which you might have been comfortable with.

Comes with inbound emailing- We as a bulk email service provider stand apart by providing POP3, IMAP, and Webmail to receive replies from all listed on your mailing list.

CloudOYE Hosting Services

Key Benefits of Bulk Mail as a Service

  • PHP List application integration
  • On-demand IP rotation setup
  • Server OS & application integration
  • Easy to use admin control panels
  • Tier III data center facilities
  • Stringent security modules& checks
  • Scalable compute, storage, & network resources
  • 99.95% guaranteed network availability
  • Antispyware, Antivirus & Firewall installation
  • Round the clock email server monitoring
  • Dedicated bulk emailing support

Why Businesses Should Select CloudOYE for
Bulk Mail as a Service?

  • Full-fledged Protection

    We not only maintain strong permission policies, but also various security tools to protect your confidential emails against all the illicit acts.

  • Customized Plans

    We offer an array of email hosting plans to meet the unique demands of our clients.

  • Dedicated Mass Mailing Support

    Our email hosting experts are available round the clock to provide you quick assistance for your technical queries.

  • Scalable Compute Resources

    We are equipped with scalable resources that can be quickly provisioned to meet surging business demands.

If you are looking out for bulk emailing service,
feel free to connect with our experts at18002122022


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