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Reliable Cloud Analytics Solution With CloudOYE

Unlock the power of data with CloudOYE's cutting-edge Cloud Analytics solutions. Our reliable and innovative platform empowers businesses to harness the full potential of data. Experience seamless data analytics in the cloud, backed by our expert team. Elevate your business with CloudOYE's Cloud Analytics – your key to data-driven success. Get started today!

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Cloud Analytics is a type of cloud service in which all types of data analysis and services associated with it are carried out on a public or private cloud. There is a definite tilt towards cloud based applications as companies find that they are able to find perform more efficiently and consistently with cloud adoption. Cloud deployment can also reduce the cost of ownership and make data sharing significantly easier. There are other benefits too of taking your business to the cloud and data security and collaboration are just some of these.

Big Data analytics is undoubtedly one of the key reasons why companies find the cloud a great investment. As Big Data involves handling and analysis of enormous amounts of data, companies must make huge investments so that the massive flow of data can be handled properly and effectively. The string of benefits cloud adoption offers, provide companies the motivation of shifting the gigantic and complicated data analytics related tasks to the cloud.

Let’s have a detailed look at the various benefits that can be enjoyed with cloud analytics:

You can access data faster than ever before

You might find the need to find specific data that can be invaluable for your business and which must be acted upon in the quickest possible time. This pieces of information could be there somewhere amongst millions of bits of data delivered to you in the form of transactions and processes. With cloud analytics, you can draw insights quickly as data is made available in real time.

Enjoy greater flexibility:

Cloud-based applications are known to offer enhanced freedom and superior flexibility as they are created using self-learning models. If your business requires extra bandwidth, the data storage system can be expanded or adjusted to match the demands of your business.

Foolproof decisions can be made:

Need a new data-driven application? You can create it quickly in the cloud as all the required resources are available. You need not spend money on new hardware, OS or servers.

The total cost of ownership can be reduced

You don’t have to deal with cost upgrades or shop for new tools and applications. Almost all providers offer the convenience of the pay-as-you-go model. You just have to pay for the features and the storage space that you use and nothing else.

Superior Security

Cloud analytics has been proven to be more secure and consistent when compared to a premise-based solution. The advanced system allows instant and accurate detection of an even small breach of data. If you are using on premise system, it may take days and even weeks in some instances to detect a data breach.

Makes it easy to achieve a high degree of collaboration

As data can be accessed from one, users can cut across lines of businesses and view and share information in real-time and significantly faster.

Helps in Faster Recovery When Data Disaster Strikes:

A huge advantage of using cloud analytics is that it makes speedy recovery possible from disaster situations. You are never at any risk of data loss with cloud analytics.

No Risk of Data Loss

When you store data and information in the cloud, it remains safe, secure and protected at all times. On the other hand, the risk of data loss is always there if there is a malfunctioning of the local systems.

Enjoy the benefit of automatic updates:

Cloud based systems update and refresh data automatically without any human intervention. In on-premise models, you have to spend time updating the system manually.

The Key Challenges

With cloud analytics being adopted rapidly across organizations of all types and sizes, there is a growing concern about data governance. These concerns arise because there are loads of business data that are inconsistent in nature and which cannot be relied upon and used further. This can result in the organization losing control over data and can find it tough to integrate data assets and analytics in the governance process of the organization.

There are also cloud licensing limits to deal with as it can restrict the use of cloud data. Another key challenge is the lack of resources. It is difficult to find cloud analytics experts and professionals to implement the cloud analytics process in an organization. Also, huge volumes of data are moved to the cloud when an organization adapts cloud analytics. To carry out this huge task seamlessly can be extremely challenging in the absence of skilled and experienced professionals.

However, there is complete unanimity amongst experts that cloud analytics will soon become an indispensable element of organizations in the near future. Besides other positive benefits that it will bring to the organization, as discussed above, it will also prove to be that all-important element that gives them a major competitive edge over others who are not using it.

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As a customer-centric entity, we leave no stone unturned in providing our clients with solutions that align perfectly with their business needs. A two-decade-old entity in the technology domain, CloudOYE offers the whole gamut of cloud and infrastructure services at cost-effective prices: Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Colocation, Email Hosting and much more. Our best-in-industry services are backed by world-class infrastructure, robust security, 99.95% network uptime and round-the-clock technical support.

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