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Your Data, Your Control: Buy Unlimited Cloud Storage in India

Move from cheap servers and migrate your mission-critical apps and business data to our cloud storage servers with no transfer limit. All our cheapest cloud storage plans come with unlimited cloud storage data transfer capabilities. So you can quickly move data back and forth between our cloud storage servers and your local host. We ensure an amicable uptime of 99.95% on our network to ensure all your apps are running.

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CloudOYE's Innovative Cloud Storage Solutions for Growing Businesses in India

Cloud storage has transformed the way businesses operate, offering a dynamic and secure platform to store, manage, & access critical data seamlessly. In addition, cloud storage eliminates the limitations of traditional physical storage solutions, guiding a new era of scalability & flexibility.

Today, businesses no longer need to invest in expensive hardware & infrastructure, as cloud storage offers virtually limitless capacity on a pay-as-you-go basis. This scalability empowers companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, to adapt swiftly to changing data demands and accommodate growth without hindrance.

In essence, cloud storage has revolutionized the way businesses store and manage data in India. It empowers organizations with the tools to unleash innovation, streamline operations, and drive growth. As businesses continue to embrace the cloud storage revolution, India's economic landscape is poised for a digital transformation that will define success in the years to come.

Buy Cloud Storage India plans at unbelievable prices. Get customized plans, expandable storage, RAM, and processing power at your disposal 24*7.

CloudOYE’s cheapest cloud storage India plans to deliver amazing value to budding entrepreneurs and expanding businesses alike. Move from inferior servers and migrate your mission-critical apps and business data to our cloud storage servers with no transfer limit.

All CloudOYE’s cloud storage India plans come with unlimited transfer capabilities so you can quickly move data back and forth between our servers and your local host. We ensure a whooping uptime of 99.95% on our network and offer 24*7 service support. Get started now!

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service model where information is conserved, handled, protected distantly, and offered to customers across a network (typically the Web).

With CloudOYE cloud storage India plans, customers get their services over a per-consumption, monthly-based price. Though each gigabyte value has been reduced, even the so-called cheapest cloud storage India providers have supplementary operative expenditures which may build the technology costlier than users are bargaining for.

CloudOYE Cloud storage India has come up with amazing plans to make cloud security even more secure, flexible and manageable.

Buy cloud storage India and access, store, manage, tag, and scale your data globally with Cloud Storage. CloudOYE cloud storage solutions perfectly blend the industry-leading storage and networking hardware to provide an exceptionally fast and unwavering storage platform for your data. Archive, manage and hand out plenitude of unstructured data across the Internet with ease

CloudOYE Cloud storage India has come up with amazing cost-effective plans to make cloud security even more secure, flexible, and manageable. The security of the cloud is among the top priorities for customers across the globe. Hence, cloud storage providers keep it as their utmost priority to deliver flawless security and impenetrable defense. CloudOYE copes with such threats by implementing cost-effective security measures, like encryption and authentication, under the services.

There exist 3 major cloud driven storage design models: CLOUD STORAGE: PUBLIC, PRIVATE AND HYBRID

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    Public Cloud Storage Public cloud storage services offer a multi-tenant storage ecosystem which is maximum fitted to unstructured information. Information is kept in international data centers along with storage data unfold over various regions or several continents. Users usually do payment over a per-use basis just like the utility payment model.

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    Private Cloud Storage Private cloud, or even say on-premises, storage services offer a dedicated atmosphere secured at the back of a company’s firewall. Private clouds are applicable for customers who would like customization and additional management across their information.

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    Hybrid Cloud Storage Hybrid cloud happens to be a mixture of private cloud and third-party public cloud based services along with orchestration within the interfaces for maintenance. The respective model provides businesses durability and additional information deployment features.

CloudOYE Basic Cloud Storage Prices

With CloudOYE’s Object Storage congregation in its respective data centers round the world, additionally as full integration of entire CDN, customers will be able to even replicate or migrate their information anytime and at anyplace. In addition to this, along with the ‘build-in’ robust tagging, discover, as well as indexing attributes, customers will be able to simply allot enriched information tags, and notice or spread out their objects whenever they are demanded.

CloudOYE Storage is battery-powered by power unit SAN infrastructure. Thus CloudOye is known to be one of the most emerging cloud storage providers of the Cloud storage India market. The entire storage is across SAN system having about 15k revolutions per minute SAS moves in Raid 5 configuration offering the customers with peak of the line storage performance.

In addition to this, every storage unit is totally secluded from various others making certain it has total protection. With us, customers need not to be concerned and worried regarding the performance, IOPS, security, integrity and protection of their information.

CloudOYE Cloud Storage Services in India

Benefits of Cheapest Cloud Storage in India

Here are ten biggest advantages of cloud data storage:

CloudOYE as a Cloud Storage Provider India

Customers can easily obtain, store, handle, and tag as well as even scale up their data worldwide with Cloud Storage. CloudOYE cloud storage based solutions absolutely mix the corporate leading storage along with networking hardware to supply extraordinarily quick and steady storage interface for their data. Simply archive, maintain, and give out plenteousness of unstructured information over the web with convenience. CloudOYE provides following features under cloud storage:
The quantity of ease, peace of mind, and cost-effective solutions offered by our cloud storage system and services is remarkable! The info which is kept in an exceedingly cost-effective cloud is protected online and can often be accessed from anyplace. Data is mechanically saved because it streams within. There exist null requirement for customers to secure, label, or even track data. The ease of cost-effective online cloud storage permits the customers to fully focus on their work without having stress regarding loss of data.

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As a customer-centric entity, we leave no stone unturned in providing our clients with solutions that align perfectly with their business needs. A two-decade-old entity in the technology domain, CloudOYE offers the whole gamut of cloud and infrastructure services at cost-effective prices: Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Colocation, Email Hosting and much more. Our best-in-industry services are backed by world-class infrastructure, robust security, 99.95% network uptime and round-the-clock technical support.

Can’t find a solution catering to your needs? Don’t fret, we will build one for you. For any query, talk to us through our live chat option or get in touch through e-mail at

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