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Computing Challenges

The existing clouds are not engineered to satisfy the requirements of DApps. Fully decentralized infrastructures are necessary for their execution. Industries and the scientific communities are asking for more computing power so that they can run Big Data applications. The cloud is capable of meeting these challenges but there are major roadblocks. The cloud is complex to handle and can be expensive as well. Small businesses do not have the expertise and the budget to acquire and operate advanced cloud platforms.

Data centers can be a solution but the fact that they consume enormous amounts of energy is a huge drawback. Besides the expenses involved in meeting the energy needs of cloud operations, it can also create a major negative impact on the environment. The need of the hour is a decentralized cloud that can support blockchain computing and can bring down the cost of infrastructure usage significantly.

A decentralized cloud powered by blockchain can be the perfect solution as it capable of offering secure and affordable access to the most competitive computing infrastructures on demand.

Decentralized applications will rely on such platforms to search, find, provision, use, and release the required computing resources automatically.


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