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CloudOYE offers colocation hosting services that help companies to host their mission-critical IT infrastructure through a state-of-the-art data center facility, cut back surplus operational expenses, and mitigate security perils. Our colocation hosting services are purpose-built to meet the demands of different business segments in a holistic manner. Be it a small online venture, an enterprise, or an IT behemoth - we have the technology, expertise, and the right knowledge to meet rising market and client demands in server colocation industry.

Serving renowned businesses since 2001, we have always endeavored to offer a technologically-motivated environment, which not only ensures performance, but also lucidly aligns IT with business priorities. Our incremental clientele (10,000+) is the testimony to our indubitable business presence in the colocation service industry.

Our fully-resilient data centers are located in low seismic zones, which make it an ideal site for businesses across different verticals to manage and operate their operations in a hassle-free way. Our latency-optimized server colocation adds agility and curtails data replication issues. We provide a robust foundation for business continuity planning and disaster recovery in the event of catastrophic circumstances.

We offer wide range of capabilities, including managed hosting, managed storage, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, and CMS hosting solutions – to support the ebb and flow of your dynamically changing business needs. Besides, we also offer highly reliable and N+1 redundant connectivity options that provide quick access to your in-house IT assets. Being a carrier neutral data center facility, we allow clients to select from several telecommunication providers to accommodate their bandwidth requirements. Apart from this, we promise guaranteed network uptime, so that your business stays visible to you and your end-users all the time without a fuss.

When it comes to security, we employ multitude of technologies, including biometric scanners, card key access points, video surveillance, DDoS protection, network security, threat detection, and anti-tailgating technology to protect your critical IT assets and data against all vulnerabilities. In addition to this, we are compliant with regulatory needs of different industries, such as healthcare, e-commerce, and publically trading organizations. We maintain stringent security modules that undergo scheduled compliance audits to keep pace with business standards. Each and every aspect of your IT setup is managed, monitored and maintained by our certified professionals, so that your business never experiences a halt.

Services offered with CloudOYE’s server colocation are just limited to space, bandwidth and electrical hook-up, we also provide round the clock technical support and services for optimal performance of your business-critical assets. Our team of experts is always available at your disposal to offer you the best support when your business needs it.

Server Colocation Plans & Pricing

INR 4,995/mo
1 U Server Unit Space
100 GB Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
Free Set Up
1 Server
Select & Configure

INR 9,495/mo
5 U Server Unit Space
200 GB Data Transfer
4 IP Addresses
Free Set Up
2 Servers Max
Select & Configure
Enterprise Series
INR 19,995/mo
10 U Server Unit Space
300 GB Data Transfer
4 IP Addresses
Free Set Up
5 Servers Max
Select & Configure

Key Features of Server Colocation Hosting

  • Tier III data centers in low-seismic locations
  • Redundant power sources
  • Full range of connectivity options
  • 99.95% Guaranteed network uptime
  • Best-in-performance telecommunication networks
  • 24x7 monitoring, management and maintenance of servers
  • Six zone security layers for data and asset security
  • Round the clock dedicated colocation hosting support
  • Competitive Server Colocation Pricing


What is Server Colocation?

Colocation is a data center solution where you can rent a space and procure hardware for your IT needs. The colocation provider will then provide your server with power supplies, cooling systems and all the other facility a data center should have even though it is your hardware that has been provisioned in the data center.

Though, however, the provider will have little say in matters concerning the usage of your server, it can interfere in events where there is a technical glitch or your server requires maintenance. Technically it is not easy for a company to build a data center as it requires enormous upfront expenses, additional expertise and increased staff-requirements. With power cooling systems, colocation facility is just the right space you need to operate your IT. The operator will also provide in hands service and expertise with the leasing space, servicing every aspect of the hardware.

How much Does Colocation Cost?

There is no fixed cost associated with server colocation. Depending upon power usage, maintenance, support and cooling systems, server colocation can cost you anywhere between a few bucks to several hundred dollars. Apart from the operating expense that will be billed every month or so – depending upon your bill cycle – you will also face some upfront costs in buying servers, since colocation provider will only allot you leasing space and the hardware has to be your own.

However, in the long run, colocation can help you save money, especially now when server hosting prices are soaring skies.

Why Have a Colocation Data Center?

Out of the numerous data center solutions, colocation is the most beneficial for organizations willing to leverage data centers without setting up one of their own. For startups and smaller organizations, it makes sense to outsource their infrastructure to third-party premise to: a) save cost, and b) avoid unnecessary expenditure in diversifying workforce.

The environment in a data center is regulated to enable servers to function most efficiently. There are several redundant power supplies as well, ensuring a certain minimum uptime. Maintaining and regulating such robust environment in-house is neither cost-effective nor possible, so colocation remains one of the most widely adopted data center services ever.

What is the Difference between Server Hosting and Server Colocation?

In server colocation clients only lease space and with it power supplies, cooling systems and in hands expertise of the provider, who is also responsible for application and physical security of its environment. The physical machine or the server is provided by the client and the data center may or may not be responsible for its repair.

In server hosting, on the other hand, the entire setup belongs to the provider, and the client only pays for the service. The vendor not only deals with the hardware maintenance but also with faults arising thereafter.

What are the Advantages of Server Colocation Over Hosting?

First, server colocation offers better control and physical security than server hosting. It additionally ensures high availability of resources while drastically reducing the capital spendings.

One may call server colocation as a low budget alternative to self-owned data centers.

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