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Window VPS Server Hosting

CloudOye Help You In Increasing the Uptime of Your Website With Windows VPS

CloudOye offers several Windows VPS Plans. To find the one that meet your business requirement depends on you.

In such a situation, if you’re unable to find the perfect plan for your business or if you find the amount of plan inept for you then approach our dedicated team. We will help you to find what would you like.

CloudOye Windows VPS systems are scalable, we can scale-up your needs based on the growth of your business.

CloudOye offers best in industry prices of their VPS hosting in contrary to shared or other company VPS solutions. Not only this, we will also give the best idea for system resource management and allocation and best operations to do with no security risks.

Every Windows VPS Beginner Needs to Know

What is Windows VPS?

Virtual Server Hosting on Windows System which is commonly known as Windows VPS is a virtual private server that is hosted for easy access.

It is a virtual machine you can use as an environment dedicated to your web projects. It provides dedicated resources to the user that are controlled independently of these resources and high performance to any website hosted on the internet

It is scaled to offer the resources you need, making it much more affordable than a dedicated server, but offering you full control over its administration and configuration.

Windows VPS hosting offers highly valuable features, such as graphic user interface (GUI) that makes server management which is even easily managed by inexperienced users.

How Does Windows VPS Hosting Work?

VPS hosting provides a virtual server that is a simulation of a physical server, however, in reality, the machine is shared among several users.

Using virtualization technology known as a hypervisor, your hosting provider installs a virtual layer on top of the server's operating system (OS). The hypervisor acts as a virtualization layer. This layer segregates the server into several partitions and allows each user to install their own OS and software. This separate and independent server is often known as a Virtual Machine (VM). Each VM has its own dedicated resources that include RAM, CPU, OS and individual applications

What Is a Virtual Server Used For?

RDP Browsing

Many people use Windows VPS hosting for browsing restricted websites or e-commerce sites.


To smoothly configure a VPN on your system you can use Windows VPS hosting.

Multiplayer Gaming

You can use VPS to play online games in single as well as multi-player gaming round the clock.


To run 24*7 online trading by using a VPS you will never experience hardware fault, internet issues, power failure, etc.

SEO Tools

With the help of windows VPS hosting you can easily use SEO tools to solve the problems.

File Sharing

You can easily transfer or sync files between various devices.


When you want to hide your actual IP, opt for a windows VPS hosting proxy which is a perfect solution.

Downloading Large Files

You can easily download large files with the help of windows VPS hosting

Mail Servers

It helps in turn your server far safer and more secure email environment.


It can help in keeping redundant copies of various backups in a variety of different physical global locations.

Database Hosting

This type of hosting is perfect as it is extremely versatile and capable to host numerous database platforms including MySQL, MSSQL, and many more.


Why your website needs a cheap Windows VPS Hosting India?

VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server is one of those hosting service that can never go wrong for your website. VPS hosting is the perfect application of the virtualization technology. Virtualization being amazing of a technology allows you as a user to receive dedicated resources and still not pay the fees equivalent to a dedicated server.

The cheapest Windows VPS server hosting allows multiple users to be hosted on the same server and still promise each one of them the same quantity and quality of resources. The virtualization technology also makes the whole environment of your website much more secured and stable.

All of this makes Windows VPS hosting is the best deal between a shared server and a dedicated server. Here you will not be getting a dedicated space but surely the resources similar to a dedicated server. As their other users also there as in the case of a shared server.

When the website is hosted over a shared server, starts to run out of resources then it’s time to switch to a smarter hosting plan. Windows VPS hosting proves to be the best hosting option for a middle level traffic website.

Also there are times when a website needs a little more than a shared server and less than a dedicated server. Yes, Cheap Windows VPS Hosting India is then the only solution in such a condition. At CloudOye you have choices in VPS hosting plans that may suit exactly your business needs and give the opportunity to grow more than you have ever imagined.

To get a more detailed view lets go through some differences among a VPS, shared and a dedicated server-

VPS Hosting Dedicated hosting Shared hosting
The website is hosted on a virtual partition of a server from one physical server The website is hosted on a single physical server dedicated to your own personal use. There is no sharing of resources. The website is hosted on a server which shares a common pool of resources like RAM, CPU, disk space. etc.
VPS is more cost-effective choice for small and mid-level businesses and has a little less resources than a dedicated server. Dedicated server is profitable for large level of businesses and there is no limit to the accessibility of the resources. A user has the sole ownership. As multiple websites are hosted on a shared server hosting, thus is suitable for small enterprises and startups. On a shared server bandwidth gets divided along with the disk space and then allocated accordingly.
VPS offers more control than a shared server along with some exceptional security features. When your website is on a dedicated server hosting, it becomes least vulnerable and most secured from cyber-attacks. Due to divided attention, there might be instances of cyber-attacks. There are also chances of IP blacklisting as so many of the websites are hosted on a shared server at the same time.

After keenly observing these set of differences, you will get to know that a VPS host is both a virtual as well as a private server. As the division of the users is done with the help of different operating systems and thus stems out any confusion or mishandling of the resources. A VPS host will make sure that your website’s container is dually secured and the flow of resources is continuous. Once your website is on a VPS host, you just have to enjoy the same root level access as in a dedicated server at such a lower cost. At any time you doubt on the services of our Windows VPS hosting, feel free to contact and get all the solutions instantly.

Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting

VPS hosting has so many advantages of its own and Windows technology adds on to it. Windows VPS hosting refers to a hosting service that uses Windows as a hosting software. There are businesses for which Windows technology is especially very beneficial. A Windows VPS host is granted to a user from a physical machine and thus provides you more control and with exclusive resources. Here are some of the benefits that will assure you with your decision –

  • Security

    Security is anyone’s topmost priority when it comes to the selection of a hosting plan. A Windows VPS hosting understands all your security concerns and makes sure that all security standards are covered. You do not worry about the hard drive crashing or any other security breaches. As soon as any error pops in, the problem is taken care of so that there is no compromise with the security feature.
  • Cost-effective

    Windows VPS hosting is one of the most cost-effective hosting plans. You get services equivalent to a dedicated server at the price so much lower than it. You might find it costlier than a shared server but all the costs will be recovered in no time. Hence, if we see in the longer run Windows VPS hosting is very cost-efficient.
  • Full ownership

    Although there will be many users hosted on the same physical server but with virtualization, one enjoys the full independence of an independent server. The administration of the server is completely autonomous and neither of the resources is shared. Each compartment or user is separated based on the OS they are using.
  • Performance

    Due to the resources being dedicated, each user is empowered with world-class performance. Thus, each of the containers is equally efficient in terms of capacity. It can be completely seen through your website’s performance or how easily it can be scaled up when needed.
  • Resource addition

    With Windows VPS hosting, one gets the benefit to add resource anytime they want. The level of scalability that you get is truly amazing and so diverse. You need not constrict your website to a panel and configure whatever you want.
  • Support

    Our services and terms along with the conditions are so seamless so that there is no discrepancy while the delivery of our service. A Windows VPS server host is so strongly connected and on top of that, the world-class technical support makes it even more staunch.

All of these benefits prove the credibility of a Windows VPS host. We at CloudOye understand the concerns of you as a user and want you to sit back and enjoy these benefits.

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  • Windows VPS Hosting India

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Server

Windows VPS Server Hosting

Windows VPS Server India

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