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Ecommerce Hosting: The Pragmatic Way to Handle an Online Store

Posted by Swapnil Shukla on Sep 21, 2020 02:45:56 pm

Do you even remember the days when we used to step out with our whole family for shopping? Sounds like an activity we used to do decades back. Since the eCommerce has stepped in, people have forgotten what was it like to go out. ECommerce is whenever an individual or a company buys or sells a product online and other transactions also happen online. These days there are other enterprises also that can be termed as e-commerce such as onl... Read more>>

Elastic Computing: Not your Regular Cloud Computing

Posted by Admin on Sep 16, 2020 10:01:43 am

Cloud hosting has been relevant in the computing world for ages now. But with ever-increasing demand and data increasing exponentially normal cloud server hosting is not enough. As small businesses along with large ones migrating over the cloud, the cloud space started getting to exhaust. This gave birth to the concept of elastic computing. So what is exactly elastic computing? As the name suggests it the most suitable and elastic co... Read more>>

Uses of AHREF Tool To Rank Higher

Posted by Admin on May 28, 2020 12:29:02 pm

Everyone wants to have an esthetic website. If we talk about websites, there are billions of websites available as of today. Having a website is not an enormous task; a superior website with traffic that generates revenue is an enormous deal. The traffic comes from social media, search engines, and the backlinks which you create on other websites. SEO plays a vital role in making your website visible on search eng... Read more>>

Salesforce Lightning vs Classic: All You Need to Know

Posted by Admin on May 04, 2020 07:47:35 pm

Ever since it was first launched, Salesforce Lightning has completely enamored the world of CRM development professionals in a major way. Salesforce Lightning is not just a modern and innovative skin but it also functions as a wholly different user interface that can be used by those who are looking to leverage the features of Most salesforce development companies in India strongly recommend working with Salesforce Light... Read more>>

How Does Cloud Backup Help Your E-commerce Website SEO?

Posted by Admin on Mar 17, 2020 04:35:55 pm

When it comes to cloud hosting and backup, it has a tremendous impact on the SEO of your e-commerce website. Online stores mean sales and therefore if your product pages do not show up in Google SERPs, you will lose on sales and revenues. Then, when you have a cloud backup, it is a smart move for your online shop. Improving rankings in the SERPs is not that simple as it sounds, but cloud hosting and backup help in this respect. There ar... Read more>>

Explore Crucial Factors for Developing the Right Content to Ensure SEO Success

Posted by Admin on Mar 06, 2020 04:40:00 pm

You must have heard that if you wish to achieve SEO success, you must start thinking seriously and keep in mind that content is king. This is clearly the reason why the periodic table of search engine optimization factors starts with precisely the content elements.  As per Searchenginejournal, are you generating content practically in a vacuum? Are you producing random blogs, keywords, and topics, expecting to stick around? ... Read more>>

Best Tips to Figure out a Dip in App Store SEO and Resolve It

Posted by Admin on Feb 17, 2020 05:38:49 pm

For a few businesses, mobile apps play a crucial role to generate leads and reach out to new customers. However, it is damaging if these companies notice a drop in the app store SEO, implying significant dips in mobile app visits. Then, you will check for information on how to optimize your mobile app - called app store optimization or ASO - and find that nothing much has been written on how to figure out what caused the drop in the... Read more>>

Tips for improving website protection to mitigate the risks of hacking and other attacks

Posted by Admin on Feb 06, 2020 04:10:16 pm

Hacking of websites can happen anytime. Even if you think that your website does not have anything that could attract hackers, it remains vulnerable to attacks. Although sites are the target of hackers and other cyber-attacks, the intention is not always to mess with your site layout or steal data. Spammers target websites to use the server connected to the website for relaying email spam. They may even use it for setting up a temporary... Read more>>

Why Should You Install One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension from Elsner Technologies?

Posted by Admin on Dec 20, 2019 01:11:55 pm

Checkout is one of the most critical aspects of every eCommerce website. The reason being, it assists in making the customers make their final decision of making payment for an order on your online store. Hence, it becomes essential to optimize the checkout page and enhance the customer experience to ease off the payment making process. This is the primary concern of businesses. If you are currently employing Magento 2, your task will b... Read more>>

The Best Website Design Practices that will Work Wonders for Every Business

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Dec 12, 2019 05:47:53 pm

Website design has been one of the most important parts of the website for every individual, organization, company or start-up who wants to be seen by their customers. It is not something that has been caught in through a wind draft but it has been proven through polls and backed by data.  Why do businesses Need the Best Practices in Web Design?  It has been seen that 48% of the people who browse the internet believe tha... Read more>>

5 Key Driver for the Organization Adopting Cloud Services

Posted by Admin on Nov 13, 2019 02:30:42 pm

With the advent of technology, the organizations are moving with technological implementations in the mainframe of the business. The rise in exponential data arises the need and demand to segregate the approach in a zipped and convenient manner without any risk of data loss, pricing and hardware installation. The organizations are continuously adopting the practice of cloud adoption as the services of cloud computing. With the am... Read more>>

5 Common Myths About Dedicated Server Hosting

Posted by Ginni Goyal on Oct 04, 2019 03:01:11 pm

The need for the State of the Art website and its inter-related services, are the defined terms depending on the swift functions of a server and hosting plans. Today, the market is witnessing the vast range of modules supporting the smooth operational flow considering the factors related to the size of an organization. The Shared server hosting, VPS server hosting, Cloud server hosting and Dedicated server hosting are prevailed n... Read more>>

The Algebra of web hosting services

Posted by Admin on Oct 01, 2019 03:01:23 pm

The algebra of web hosting services needs a fresh outlook. The first equation that hits the desk of new businesses is the scope of their market. All the professionals working for a particular business ponder over one basic question: How big is the market? It is indeed vast and large, at any point in time, with fluctuations explaining its dynamicity. So, the first task that a new business or startup has to face is to tap this open... Read more>>

10 Tips To Optimize Conversion Funnel For Magento 2 Websites

Posted by Admin on Sep 26, 2019 11:12:10 am

How to sustain in the highly competitive market? The only solution is to develop conversion rate optimization strategies.  Why need to focus on conversion rate? Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that complete your business goals or take desired actions such as adding to carts, making purchases, subscribing, downloading,...In e-commerce, this indicator shows the proportion of unique users during... Read more>>

Implementation of Server Collocation is the need of the hour

Posted by Admin on Sep 23, 2019 12:27:16 pm

With a continuously growing industry, it really becomes tiresome to manage and dedicate time as well as human labor in each and every areas and directions. The very such work which is popping at the top of my mind is managing your own data centers. Yes, sounds like a tricky job right? But not to worry anymore, there are so many and different kinds of hosting available in the market these days. Out of all Colocation hosting is gaining... Read more>>

Navigating via the compass of cloud computing

Posted by Admin on Sep 18, 2019 12:44:38 pm

Cloud computing may sound like a new metaphor in the digital age. To put it briefly, cloud computing is neither new nor very old. In fact the world had begun to talk about the cloud in 1990s itself. However, the idea gained popularity in 1995 and by 2005 the path for research had been fully laid down. So what is cloud computing all about?  Let us first define it in black and white.  According to NIST: “Cloud com... Read more>>

Why Should you choose Cloud rather than Shared Hosting?

Posted by Admin on Aug 05, 2019 11:43:23 am

The database of your company is all – if it is down, it can be influenced by your product and the result. Several internet hosting businesses can provide your database with various kinds of software. These alternatives range from personal digital hosting (VPS) to conventional hosting. One of the main differences between shared and cloud hosting is these facilities. These two facilities are similarly classified and offer fundame... Read more>>

What Things You Should Look Before Buying A Web Hosting?

Posted by Admin on Aug 02, 2019 03:16:39 pm

Today we'll discuss what factors you must consider before buying a web hosting service. Many companies are providing the best web hosting products and services but how to choose the best one for your site. Apart from those companies, you should look at some important points in a web host that is needed by your site. Points like reliability, price, support, uptime and more which are necessary for a site. And the most popular bran... Read more>>

4 reasons for choosing Windows VPS hosting for your business

Posted by Robertvam on Jun 19, 2019 11:27:36 am

If you are a budding entrepreneur, there are high chances you have chosen a shared hosting plan for your website. A shared hosting plan may be appropriate when you have just started your venture. You might require to upgrade as your web traffic grows. A VPS hosting plan offers your website its individual operating system, disc space and bandwidth and thus makes for better user experience. Let us discuss why Windows VPS hosting is a suit... Read more>>

Disaster Recovery as a Service Offers Best Management Solutions!

Posted by Akriti Sharma on May 20, 2019 05:22:12 pm

Disaster Recovery as a Service, termed as helps in offering best safety and security for your prestigious organization. It saves you from any malware attacks by offering a much higher, resilient server option for business maintenance. CloudOYE disaster as a service, works for enhanced network management, better usage system and an increased recovery process for business growth. With our managed system network failures, you can easily... Read more>>


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