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Importance of Maintaining Legacy Storage Infrastructure in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Posted by harpreet on Mar 21, 2017 11:38:48 am

In spite of its extensive advantages, cloud adoption continues to be influenced by concerns about security and integrity of mission critical data storage. There are significant numbers of CIOs and CEOs who feel that cloud is associated with downtime and latency issues. Growing relevance of hybrid cloud solutions This brings us to focus on hybrid cloud solutions that are increasingly being accepted as cost efficient, agile, accessi... Read more>>

Understanding Influence of Cloud Growth Predictions for 2017

Posted by pankaj on Mar 18, 2017 01:21:38 pm

In what can be seen as a confirmation of cloud’s ability to drive business processes with economy and flexibility, growth of cloud adoption in 2017 is projected to hover around seventeen percent over last year.  Factors that influence growth of cloud services The major contributor to cloud enviable growth is going to be IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, since it is poised for a whopping growth of around 43 percent. T... Read more>>

How Cloud Computing Technologies will Change with the Internet of Things

Posted by harpreet on Mar 15, 2017 12:36:11 pm

The Internet of Things is the next big thing to hit the world and with it, changes in the cloud computing world are also predicted. Whether it is web-connected appliances like coffee machines and fridges or software-defined cars, smart glasses or smart watches, the IoT will bring in changes in every aspect of our daily lives.                             Thi... Read more>>

Insights into Future Prospects of Container Technology

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Mar 10, 2017 11:56:13 am

On the wide horizon of application development, containers are emerging as part of cloud computing. This underlines the significance of portability in this domain. Thanks to technology that enables abstracting applications into virtual containers for enabling their movement between different clouds.  Containers also offer unique advantage of architecture since one can access standard process of dividing applications into contain... Read more>>

Key Initiatives to be implemented by CIOs Through 2017

Posted by harpreet on Mar 07, 2017 11:31:58 am

There is an urgent need for CIOs to think more like leaders than managers in 2017 and beyond. Organizations need the thought leadership of CIOs to achieve greater agility and to add more value to the business. It is also important to achieve greater results by identifying opportunities without asking for more resources. This needs an integrated approach as explained below. Thoroughly review maintenance of licenses  It is ... Read more>>

Role of Cloud Computing in Success of Pokémon Go

Posted by pankaj on Mar 03, 2017 12:56:59 pm

The unprecedented success of Pokémon Go is food for thought for everyone who is associated with cloud in some or other way. The augmented reality game has been a runaway success wherever it has been launched. It enjoys a top position for average daily engagement by replacing even Facebook. Just within a matter of week Pokémon Go overtook Tinder in total number of installs and Twitter in number of users per day.  ... Read more>>

Choosing an Ideal Operating System for VPS Hosting from Windows and Linux OS

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Feb 27, 2017 03:31:49 pm

VPS hosting offers remarkable capabilities of web hosting administration. In addition to this you can expect outstanding control, dedicated resources, isolated environment, and top of the line hardware to support your Virtual Private Server.  Windows and Linux VPS hosting Virtual private server hosting is remarkably distinct than shared and dedicated server hosting. If you are migrating to VPS from shared hosting, then you wi... Read more>>

Open Software Defined Cloud as the Data Center of Tomorrow

Posted by rahul.bhaduri on Feb 23, 2017 11:37:52 am

Organizations consider cloud as a valuable resource to enhance their agility, operational flexibility, and ability to scale. Depending on the type of cloud that is being implemented in enterprise cloud infrastructure, organizations can expect to improve their operations by adding cloud value to their existing capabilities. Emergence of open software computing Cloud strategists and enterprise IT planners focus on future-proofing th... Read more>>

Key Considerations for Cloud Adoption in Mid-Market Segment

Posted by vivek on Feb 20, 2017 11:54:44 am

Cloud providers have been focusing mainly on the small businesses and large organizations while neglecting the midsized companies. This has happened due to the presence of massive number of small companies that present huge opportunities for retail based cloud services and the cash rich big organizations that have been targeted by cloud industry. Lucrative market segments Cloud landscape has been influenced by upper and lower mark... Read more>>

Insights in Cloud Computing and Its Important Attributes

Posted by pankaj on Feb 17, 2017 11:56:13 am

When cloud provider provisions fundamental computing resources such as networks, processing, and storage, it is understood that the consumer has hardly any control on underlying physical infrastructure of cloud. Consumer of these resources is able to control deployed applications, operating systems, storage and to networking components to some extent.   Cloud computing parameters There has been a significant confusion regardi... Read more>>

Trust Cloud to be Your Travelling Companion

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Feb 15, 2017 12:12:57 pm

Whether you are a business traveler or a photo enthusiast, cloud storage aims at making your life easier while you are travelling because you will be not only travelling lighter but also be free from worrying about lost pen drives or spending longer time at airport security counters.  Cloud storage application has changed paradigms of saving or sharing data and has resulted in saving working hours. One can make good use of trans... Read more>>

Key Essential Parameters to Explore Amazing Potential of Public Cloud

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Feb 13, 2017 11:53:39 am

Migration to public cloud is a seemingly overwhelming task. However if there is a proper understanding of the initial process of migration and the final objective of adopting public cloud capability much before the actual process starts, then the entire gamut of steps involved in public cloud migration is easy to implement.  Every stakeholder should be able to appreciate value of shifting either few or all workloads to cloud. It... Read more>>

Essential Factors for Appraisal of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Posted by harpreet on Feb 10, 2017 01:44:56 pm

Adoption of hybrid cloud solution must be backed by intense planning and even more profound execution. The process of hybrid cloud begins by choosing the right vendor. The first step itself is extremely complex due to diversity of cloud vendors ranging from startups to big boys on the bloc. One must be able to choose a cloud vendor that is suitable for the enterprise. Choosing the right hybrid cloud provider is an entirely different ... Read more>>

Embracing Big Data by Adoption of Cloud Computing

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Feb 08, 2017 12:11:55 pm

The amalgamation of cloud and big data can be attributed to fresh IT wave that is causing ripples across IT departments of different industry verticals. Challenges associated with data storage in the new environment of big data and cloud, are influenced mainly by rapidly accumulating data.  It is becoming increasingly overwhelming to separate and discard irrelevant data due to huge volume and rapid generation of big data. This i... Read more>>

Key Considerations While Embracing Virtualization

Posted by pankaj on Jan 30, 2017 12:20:13 pm

Thanks to virtualization technology, enterprises are able to derive more benefits in terms of their technology investments. Virtualization helps organizations obviate capital investments and mitigates workloads associated with maintenance and operation.  Enterprises need to gain immense knowledge and competence while adopting virtualization due to complexities of this technology. It is therefore essential to understand what exac... Read more>>

Assessment of the Need and Growth of Data Virtualization

Posted by sinchan.mitra on Jan 27, 2017 11:33:52 am

It is estimated by experts that data virtualization is poised to grow in terms of its importance with massive generation of data is extremely important for the organizations. Importance of data virtualization is attributed to the need for extracting maximum possible benefits from the available data that is in structured as well as un-structured forms.  By adopting data virtualization processes businesses are able to abstract dat... Read more>>

Key Cloud Computing Trends of 2017

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Jan 25, 2017 12:13:44 pm

Majority of discussion forums in India consistently discuss digitalization and there have been numerous examples of enterprises that have already adopted the same to some extent in the age of cloud. Major industry verticals that have been contributing to cloud growth are banking and securities, utilities, manufacturing, communications, and media related services. Cloud as an optional resource is a thing of the past with nearly 75 per... Read more>>

Growing Relevance of Cloud to Large Organizations

Posted by vivek on Jan 23, 2017 12:35:05 pm

We should not overlook some of the tradeoffs of cloud computing while appreciating its large spectrum of advantages. Every organization needs to assess its current needs and future growth objectives before concluding whether public cloud services would be appropriate for its business processes. Benefits of cloud computing for SMBs On a general note it is observed that most of the small and medium enterprises are able to exploit ad... Read more>>

Understanding Correlation between Security and Healthcare Cloud

Posted by manjarisingh on Jan 20, 2017 12:28:49 pm

It is observed that there are many healthcare organizations that are expanding their digital storage options due to growing implementation of internet enabled mobile devices. No wonder, cloud computing security is gaining unprecedented attention in healthcare sector.  Healthcare is a data intensive industry and therefore it is important for administrators to appreciate significance of securing sensitive health information of pat... Read more>>

Major Factors Influencing Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plan in Healthcare Cloud Data

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Jan 18, 2017 12:42:12 pm

There is more to healthcare cloud technology than merely sharing electronic health data or running applications on thin clients. We should also consider DRaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service as one of the principal aspects of healthcare cloud technology.  DRaaS in healthcare industry DRaaS facilitates data resiliency even if there are potentially harmful events such as malicious attacks, natural disasters, or network outage... Read more>>


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