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Cloud Storage – An Integral Factor For Growth And Expansion!

Posted by Mansi Singh on Nov 21, 2018 11:24:19 am

Cloud storage has been an incredibly valuable tool for small as well as large businesses, because of its radical business-enhancing features. Since it is quite recent, huge misconceptions revolve around the cloud storage system and regarding business owners’ ability to make full use of its major benefits. This issue has been addressed at the highest stages, as when Apple announced the news about cloud providers like Dropbox and Go... Read more>>

Now, Reduce the load for IT with AWS Managed Cloud Services!

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Nov 19, 2018 03:29:03 pm

AWS has been widely recognised as a sure-fire way to reduce the burden of managing IT across business channels with its distinguished features of system maintenance. With enhanced business services which help in growing productivity by leaps and bounds, it is undoubtedly the most desired cloud platform. Also, with AWS managed cloud services, you need not worry about routine software maintenance as well as optimizing hardware functio... Read more>>

How To Secure Your Cloud And VPS Servers From Hackers?

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Oct 29, 2018 04:23:56 pm

Cloud servers hosted in India store every kind of confidential information which users and businesses could require to execute a system function or process for arenas such as business, education, communication or any of several alternative fields. Therefore, it must be the foremost protected fragment of any network. When the system is using the latest protection equitably, users will be able to defend their cloud servers from its fo... Read more>>

Data Centre Infrastructure Figures Are Continuously Rising, Buoyed By Public Cloud And Enterprise Servers

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Oct 03, 2018 11:41:00 am

As the public cloud server hosting sector in India is expanding day-by day, having a dedicated Data Center in India holds big advantages for organisational expansion. Over the past few years, spending on data centre in India for infrastructure, hardware as well as the software technologies has grown exponentially with almost twenty percent yearly growth in the sector. The total data centre operation and management revenues, when publ... Read more>>

Deployment of SIOS Protection Suite for Linux on AWS

Posted by Akriti Sharma on Sep 26, 2018 02:20:36 pm

The cloud infrastructure industry has bet big on Linux. Providers of AWS managed cloud service are focusing on the advantages that Linux offers in terms of security as a well-diversified operating system. While there are many things to consider while choosing and installing operating systems, there are quick and handy ways to deploy certain software that are beneficial to the cloud system of any organization.   This particula... Read more>>

Everything You Want To Know About SAP HANA And Its Correlation With AWS Cloud

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Sep 19, 2018 05:15:24 pm

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform. It is unique in the sense that it can be deployed as an on-premise appliance, or even in the cloud.  Many experts see it as a groundbreaking platform that’s perfect for carrying out analytics in real time, and for developing and deploying applications. This real-time data platform is powered by the SAP HANA database. It is basically different than any other database engine available... Read more>>

AWS Managed By CloudOYE – Now With Support for C5d, R5, R5d, and M5d Instances!

Posted by Pooja Singh on Sep 14, 2018 02:27:33 pm

CloudOYE, one of India’s leading Managed AWS Cloud Service Providers, shares an essential update: AWS has now started working with the C5d, R5, R5d, and M5d instances. These functions and features aid business growth in many ways! • AWS offers efficacious launching with Amazon EMR for next-generation systems with the help of managed and optimized computing power, with the C5d instances for taking your business expansio... Read more>>

Build Up Your Business With the Benefits of the Best AWS Managed Cloud

Posted by Mansi Singh on Sep 13, 2018 02:46:09 pm

What do you understand by EC2? ‘Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)’ is an amazing web based service which offers a pretty much secured permission of re-sizing capacity under the cloud. It is precisely constructed for making ‘web-scale’ related process of cloud computing simpler for potential developers. The interface of Amazon EC2’s easy website service enables the customers for attaining a... Read more>>

How to Make Your AWS Cloud Architecture Impeccable?

Posted by ankits01 on Sep 12, 2018 12:14:52 pm

There is no denying the fact that cloud computing is one of the biggest gifts of technology because it makes storing data easier than ever before. But, in order to be secure and reliable, the cloud infrastructure itself has to be perfect. When you have a good AWS architecture design you can enjoy some of the key advantages of cloud hosting, like scalability, elasticity, power to automate management tasks etc. So, AWS cloud architect... Read more>>

Key Assessment Criteria for Selection of the Right Cloud Service Provider

Posted by manish022 on Sep 11, 2018 03:31:23 pm

All CIOs, irrespective of industry verticals would be equivocal in praising cloud computing as a reliable medium of embracing digital revolution. There are radical views expressed by everyone while listing the most ideal cloud service providers. In fact, choosing a perfect cloud vendor is an extremely daunting task because of every vendor has unique attributes and distinct characteristics. Although, the list of important parameters ... Read more>>

How AWS Certifications Can Jumpstart Your Career?

Posted by Ginni Goyal on Sep 10, 2018 11:41:28 am

It is now common knowledge that an AWS certification is a sure ticket to career growth. It is the best way to enhance your experience before prospective employers. Incidentally, reports from IT Skills and Salary Survey in 2015 revealed that on an average, the pay of 4 certifications exceeded $100,000. You may not get a guarantee of a six-figure salary simply because you are AWS certified; but there is no harm in adding this feather ... Read more>>

Importance of CDN Solutions for Enhancement of Online Presence

Posted by Monika Sharma on Sep 07, 2018 04:36:35 pm

In modern marketing, campaigns that can attract hordes of visitors are the most sought after tools. These marketing initiatives are designed to be executed by leveraging digital platforms such as exploring power of social media and so forth. It is obvious that very few campaigns succeed in generating the desired volume of visitors and similarly a large number of sites fail to gain considerable mileage because the websites fail to ha... Read more>>

How An AWS Architect Training Program Can Propel Your Career?

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Sep 06, 2018 02:41:09 pm

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect is well-suited to those having experience in designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. Candidates must however keep in mind that AWS has updated the exam with a new version – the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam. This was released in February 2018. The original version will be valid until August 12, 2018.   The reason for the update ... Read more>>

What Support Solutions Does Amazon Web Services Offer and How They Are Relevant?

Posted by sinchan.mitra on Sep 03, 2018 03:16:49 pm

Amazon Web Services has been a dominating player for over a decade in the public cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market. Organizations comprehend the huge business agility of the IaaS infrastructure and it is difficult to envisage cloud services without AWS as a provider in the immediate future. Of course, it has its competition and the huge gap is reducing with players like Microsoft, Google, Alibaba Cloud having their... Read more>>

Key AWS Solutions for Promoting Your Business

Posted by harpreet on Sep 01, 2018 05:02:53 pm

When you start a business you embark on a fascinating and exciting journey. But the task is Herculean and you are bound to face many roadblocks on the way. While you may be confident your idea will trigger public interest you need to find the right ways to promote that idea and share it with a global audience. You also need funds to promote that idea. Moreover, once you have actually started the journey, you have to look for ways to... Read more>>

Importance of Smart Cooling and Heating Tactics in a Power-efficient Data Center

Posted by Mansi Singh on Aug 31, 2018 12:50:40 pm

Energy saved is energy produced as per an old cliché. This can be the most appropriate objective in data center environment because administrators of data center facilities across the globe are exploring newer ways to save costs through conservation of energy. One of the most innovative ways to save electricity is by making effective use of available resources. Since a data center consumes significant amount of energy for run... Read more>>

Key Features and Pricing Structure of AWS

Posted by Divya Trivedi on Aug 30, 2018 12:45:09 pm

AWS is nothing but a cloud platform which has been offering businesses a variety of solutions to boost their online presence. So, in certain respects the AWS works like an IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service model as it gives the hardware which lets businesses deploy web-based solutions within a cloud. AWS is mainly popular for offering a wide range of pre-built web solutions which enterprises may use for assembling and integrating ... Read more>>

Cloud Computing Services - Some Data Security Tips for Your AWS Platform

Posted by Rohit Paul on Aug 29, 2018 03:35:44 pm

Cloud computing security is an IT service that’s becoming increasingly popular. It is designed to provide nearly the same functions that any traditional IT security system provides. It can keep all your critical information protected from theft, deletion and data leakage. You can use advanced cloud computing features to manage your IT systems and can even choose the scale on which you want to run the system. While it is the... Read more>>

Why Should You Choose AWS Management Services?

Posted by Pooja Singh on Aug 27, 2018 06:13:16 pm

Usually the larger corporations are run according to set rules, and policies, methods and operational procedures will all have to be defined and codified properly. All improvements in infrastructure or changes in configurations and request provisioning will also have to be taken care of through proper procedures. So every data center will have to enforce some degree of discipline without becoming over complex. Why Was There Need ... Read more>>

Essential Features of Colocation Services that Enhance Your Web Foot-print

Posted by vivek on Aug 24, 2018 12:38:05 pm

On-premise server management need not bother you anymore as there are a great number of colocation data centers available across India. Colocation involves positioning of server equipment at third party data center facilities that offer greater security and efficiency.   Significance Of A Colocation Center You may have heard someone making reference to ‘colo’ which is a short-form of co-location. Colocation is ... Read more>>


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