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Zimbra Email Hosting

Zimbra Email hosting has been empowering millions of users to communicate, message, collaborate and share information across diverse geographies with extensive compatibility with a multitude of devices. This enterprise grade email hosting option is also designed as calendar solution and can be operated from cloud including private as well as public cloud ecosystems.

Zimbra enables seamless integration with smart mobile devices and delivers a highly innovative messaging experience and helps bring together end users to participate in activities and share data in personal clouds

Zimbra Hosting Plans & Pricing

Specifications Value Pro Enterprise
Price () *At least 50% off Industry Pricing! INR 1250 per month
(msrp 2550 /mo)
INR 2250 per month
(msrp 6250/mo)
INR 4250 per month
(msrp 12500/mo)
Zimbra Email/Phone Support 50 100 200
Disk Space per Zimbra Hosting Address 1GB 2GB 5GB
Zimbra Email Aliases 100 200 Unlimited
Major Zimbra Features
Zimbra Email/Phone Support right right right
Zimbra Address Book right right right
Zimbra Global Address Book right right right
Zimbra Calendar right right right
Zimbra Tasks right right right
Zimbra Documents right right right
Zimbra Briefcase right right right
Email Features
Email Accounts 50 100 200
Auto Responders 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Forwarders 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Anti-Virus (Best in Industry -- 99.9%) right right right
Email Anti-Spam (Best in Industry -- 99.9%) right right right
Webmail right right right
SMTP right right right
POP3 right right right
IMAP right right right
Conversations right right right
Mail Filters right right right
Out of Office Reply right right right
Advanced Zimbra Hosting Features
Polling Interval Control right right right
Basic Search right right right
Advanced Search right right right
Tags right right right
Sharing (Tasks, Documents, Calendars) right right right
Zimlets right right right
Resource Group Scheduling right right right
AJAX Documents right right right
Price () *At least 50% off Industry Pricing! INR 1250 per month
(msrp 2550/mo)
INR 2250 per month
(msrp 6250/mo)
INR 4250 per month
(msrp 12500/mo)
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Economy and security

Zimbra Email hosting is an affordable way and secure option that obviates cost intensive services such as colocation server and other software services. Setting up of Zimbra hosting plan is also a breeze. In addition, Zimbra allows hassle free import of any data such as emails from other platforms including IMPAP or Microsoft Exchange. Mail archiving attributes of Zimbra Email hosting facilitates ease of retrieving diverse types of data including calendars, mails, and even contacts.

Protection of data is a vital feature of Zimbra since it offers easy backend management while securing mail backup unlike conventional email services. Whether there is a service outage due any reasons or any unexpected event, your mission critical data remains secured.

Moreover, remarkable protection offered by hosted Zimbra server ensures that all important data files are protected with help of state of the art anti-phishing filters, firewalls, anti-virus, and other mechanisms against impending threats such as security intrusion or virus attacks.

Zimbra simplifies admin tasks

Thanks to its intuitive and task focused AJAX Admin Console, users are allowed to execute administrative tasks from any place. Use the migration wizard to swiftly and easily move to Zimbra from Domino or Microsoft Exchange environments. This is further boosted by features of full back-up, restore clustering, and a resourceful Command Line Interface.

What’s more, Zimbra offers seamless integration with MS Outlook, Exchange, and Active Directory in order to support slow migration or rapid deployments. There is an extensive support offered by Zimbra to accommodate multi-tenant environments. Zimbra can be executed in an on-site or hosted environment since it supports a flexible Class of Service.

Key takeaway

Zimbra is an enterprise grade email resource that integrates an impressive spectrum of features including shared calendar, online document editing, and messaging to name a few. Zimbra Email hosting deserves to be perceived as a top of the line email solution that helps save vital IT resources.

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