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Drive Digital Transformation with Cloud CDN India

Our state-of-the-art Cloud CDN infrastructure ensures lightning-fast content delivery and enhanced website performance. Embrace CloudOYE's industry– one of the leading experts and unleash the true potential of your digital ventures with our reliable and scalable Cloud CDN solutions. Get in touch with CloudOYE- where efficiency & reliability are delivered.

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Highly Scalable, Secured, and Affordable CDN Solutions to Accelerate Your Website Performance

We provide next generation CDN solutions to facilitate easy dissemination of your static content to users. Our CDN servers ensure fastest content delivery, low latency and high data transfer speeds. We have partnered with OnApp, one of the leading providers of content delivery networks, to accelerate your website performance, application and video delivery across 170+ locations.

What CloudOYE CDN Offers?

  • Cloud CDN Hosting Providers
    Any cast DNS to handle CDN Site Visitor Request
  • Cloud CDN
    Fastest edge servers to transfer visitors request to OnApp CDN
  • Content Delivery Network
    Caching server template to setup CDN from own cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud CDN Hosting
    Self Managed Portal with API support to manage CDN setup through CP and Dashboard
  • Cloud CDN Hosting
    Regular monitoring and reporting of CDN infrastructure using Nagios and Munin
Cloud CDN

Cloud CDN Price

US $ 0.1 per GB for all traffic you route through the services*

CloudOYE CDN Resources

For small
static files
For huge files
larger than
Video Pull
For video files
hosted at origin
Video Push
Client uploads
video files to
stream storage
server in advance
For live events
using Adobe
Media Live
VOD Push/
Pull; Live
Supports PC,
Laptop, IOS/
Android Devices

How CloudOYE CDN Works

Serve Your Video Files, Audio Files and HTTP Files to Your Users in a Flash

Cloud CDN Hosting

Cloud CDN Services STEP1

A user visits your website and requests files from the fastest CDN edge servers

Cloud CDN Hosting STEP2

The request gets automatically routed to the nearest DNS server

Understand Our CDN Server Mechanism

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cluster of caching servers, which serve as local caches for static files. It is a collection of servers, which disseminates data to multiple edge locations, and assigns a unique URL to it. When a request is made to the edge servers, the Cloud CDN identifies the location of the request and automatically routes it to the fastest edge servers. The process helps Cloud Hosting in reducing latency, and maximizes bandwidth to access the data throughout the network.

Cloud CDN HostingSTEP3

DNS Servers convert the requested URL into IP address and locate the nearest CDN server using ping routing mechanism

Cloud CDN Services STEP4

The edge CDN server delivers a cached copy or pulls the content from the main server

Advantages of CloudOYE’s Cloud CDN solutions

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  • Cloud CDN Hosting Services

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  • Cloud CDN Services

How Cloud CDN Technology Works?

Cloud CDN Hosting

Cloud CDN FAQs

It is mainly a cluster or pool of servers that essentially serve as the local caches to deliver static files. As the servers disseminate information across disseminates edge servers through a unique URL, data is not only delivered at a blazing fast speed but is also secured.

CloudOYE is a renowned provider of world-class Cloud CDN solutions at affordable prices.

CDN stands for content delivery network. It is basically a system of numerous distributed servers within a network. Such a network of servers delivers webpages as well as useful Web content to end users on the basis of geographical coordinated, webpage origin as well as the location of the content delivery server.

CloudOYE offers the next generation content delivery network (CDN) solutions at competitive prices to end users to easily dissemination all the static content in the fastest possible way. We ensure lower latency rates along with highest data transfer speed. Our CDN works in following ways:
  • • A user first of all visits your business site and requests to download files/information from the CDN edge servers
  • • This request is automatically routed to nearby DNS server
  • • The server converts this URL to a unique IP address by using the ping- routing mechanism
  • • CDN edge server delivers/pulls content or information from the main server

With CDN services, the speed of a WordPress blog can be increased tremendously. A CDN can be used alongside a web hosting account. While it can replace web hosting accounts, a reliable hosting service provider must be used to leverage the maximum benefit.

Whenever a visitor logs into a WordPress blog, they get redirected to the server of a web host such as CloudOYE. This server is situated centrally (such as in Noida/Jaipur, India in our case). That is why the visitor of a website accesses a single server to view/download content. In case the website experiences a high volume of traffic, the server might get overloaded which might cause slow loading times and in worst cases server crashes.

If a CDN is coupled with a web host, the network of servers are evenly spread across the (here the concepts of server colocation apply). By using such a cloud based CDN hosting, a copy of the static content is cached and stored on every single one of these servers. The content in such cases embrace style sheets (cascading style sheet files), javascripts, Flash, images etc. Therefore, whenever a visitor bumps onto your WordPress website hosted on an original server, the CDN technology steps in and redirects the user to a neighboring server located closest to the user.

No they are not. While CDN stands for content delivery network, or a network which has been specifically built to cater to content requests put across by users in specific locations, cloud computing is wholly different. In some cases, the same content is delivered from multiple servers which are based upon the requests put forth on the basis of several locations.

For the records, cloud computing stands for a hardware/software which is delivered as service. Users pay for the service on the go or on the basis of a utility based pricing model. They attain a specific amount of resource depending on existing software. Some CDN hosting services have real time servers placed across multiple locations across the globe the world. On the other hand, cloud computing calls for the usage of large amounts of hardware resources which are rendered as a service to end users.

Please remember that every cloud is not a CDN service and neither is every CDN a cloud computing solution.

Please follow these steps to create cloud files in your CDN manager:
  • • Log in to the Control Panel/dashboard of the Cloud.
  • • Select Storage and click on Files on the top of the navigation bar.
  • • Over here, click on "Create Container".
  • • You have to set a name for the container. Thereafter, you can click on Create Container.
  • • Now, click on the gear icon present adjacent to the container. It can be made public by selecting the â��Make Publicâ�� option. This step would enable your CDN.
  • • Now the last step is to click on the publish to CDN button. Now you can share files within the container.

In order to upload files to the same container, please use these steps:
  • • Please click on the containerâ��s name so that you can upload certain files.
  • • Now, click on the upload Files button so that you can select all files which are to be uploaded.
  • • Now select Open.
  • • Ensure that the file gets uploaded. Only then click on Close Window.
  • • The file might appear within the list of all available files present in the given the container.
  • • You can now click on the gear icon present exactly next to a file. You can also select the View All Links button.
  • • Here you will find options to help you with sharing all files that are displayed.

CloudOYE CDN is a network of servers which are located across various data centers. These facilities are geographically distributed through many cities. Such a scattered infrastructure renders a highly secure and network.

CloudOYE CDN for the records absorbs very less-sophisticated DDoS attacks; this includes bandwidth attacks as well. By deploying such a CDN Server, your business website can benefit from a huge sized network. Some overloads are caused by DDoS attacks which are basically processed across multiple PoPs as per certain origins. Together they aid in preventing server saturation issues.

As a CDN Hosting provider, CloudOYE will help you to restrain threats as well as diminish abusive bots and crawlers. These attacks will no longer waste your bandwidth and server resources. Hence, the number of spam and hack attacks upon your website will decrease drastically. All these services rendered by CloudOYE CDN hosting are backed by an industry leading robust SLA which assures a guaranteed service.

Following points need to be considered while selecting the right Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider:
  • • It is important that service provider is expert at delivering HTTP Pull technology for static files and HTTP Push technology for files that are greater than 10 MB in size.
  • • Another important aspect for selecting the right vendor is to propagate all the cache associated HTTP headers for the end users
  • • CDN must support GZip compression to constrict the text based content.
  • • The vendor needs to fast and consistent as well as offer 100% network uptime as a part of their SLA.

CloudOYE is the leading provider of highly secured, elastic, and affordable Content Delivery Network solutions to boost your website performance.
Many content providers, service vendors, as well as consumers are increasingly exploring the benefits and potential of CDN Federation. The federation helps service providers in following ways:
  • • It facilitates content providers to minimize their business complexities by efficiently dealing with relatively fewer companies.
  • • It allows service providers to lower their costs by effectively pooling their limited resources together.
  • • It benefits consumers by ensuring better delivery of service quality.
Moving to content delivery network can help businesses in following ways:
  • • Accelerates business performance as the content is circulated over multiple servers in a cloud-enabled environment
  • • Better geographical reach as the cloud CDN network is extended all across the globe.
  • • Improved reliability and speed of content delivery
  • • Secured management of content to protect digital rights
For more details, you can contact my support team
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