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Seamless MS Exchange Hosting by CloudOYE

Discover the ideal solution for your email hosting needs with CloudOYE's MS Exchange Hosting. Enjoy hassle-free email management, dependable performance, and advanced security features. We're here to empower your business's email communication. With CloudOYE, you're not just hosting emails; you're elevating your communication standards.
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Significance of email communications for an organization is a bygone conclusion. Every enterprise relies on seamless support of a devoted email resource such as MS Exchange, which offers much more than a robust E-mail functionality. Users can leverage Microsoft Exchange for contacts, tasks, and calendars among others.

These and many more features of MS Exchange enhance dependability of communications that are based on emails so that routine business processes are streamlined.

Significance of MS Exchange

Management and backup of emails is enabled via POP3 email in traditional hosting environments. Since the email and related data is stored on computers, the option of hosted email exchange that resides in cloud can prove to be highly reliable. MS Exchange hosting obviates storing of data on hosting provider’s computers by securely storing these in the cloud.

Assured backing up of emails- Unlike traditional POP3 mail system that suffers from fear of data loss, MS Exchange hosting provides guaranteed security of email backup through centralizing.

Protected communications- In order to achieve active protection of business critical email communications, MS Exchange is empowered by out of the box defenses with seamless updates. In addition, regular updates provide reliable defense against ever-increasing malware or ransomware threats.

Improved sharing- Inter-office communications are enhanced with superior sharing of information across workforce. Moreover, calendar sharing feature of MS Exchange hosting further improves productivity within an organized infrastructure.

Microsoft Exchange Email Server Hosting Plans

Mailboxes/Users 3 10 25 50+
Disk Space per Mailbox 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Total Storage 15 GB 50 GB 125 GB 250 GB
Month-to-Month Contract
INR 1295 INR 3495 INR 7495 Call for Details
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Security and integrity of email data assets

Businesses need to safeguard their mission critical data against growing incidences of cyber threats. The native defense mechanism of an MS Exchange hosting solution provides assured security against a wide spectrum of email threats. Multiple layers of spam filters offer round the clock protection against complex spam as well as phishing attacks. Additionally, users can be assured of remarkable anti-virus protection.

Integrity of vital data is an essential aspect of business continuity and unlike the POP3 mail system, MS Exchange enables a reliable hub that provides impeccable backup of email with excellent accessibility.

Greater reliability

MS Exchange is designed for outstanding reliability, which is backed by wide array of enhancements and performance improvements to earlier versions. MS Exchange hosting enables detection of database corruption instances and also offers proactive detection to prevent further glitches. Database divergence detection not only boosts automated repair capabilities but also simplifies upgrades and hardware repairs.

Standardization is one of the most vital attributes of Joomla hosting and the same extends to language settings as well. These can be further applied in multiple ways such as allowing users from several locations can independently choose to work in their chosen language. The multi-linguistic features of Joomla can even be expanded to cover multiple applications.

User-friendly and faster email search

Every enterprise finds it difficult with growing volume of incoming mail as the business grows and this calls for an intuitive approach to email search. MS Exchange hosting email search functionality is backed by an in-depth analysis of practical search scenarios and their individual response times.

Outlook client can now look forward to a remarkably enhanced server side search since search queries are performed by leveraging strong index of server for comprehensive and faster results in comparison with desktop searches.

Scalable and swift eDiscovery

Search architecture of MS Exchange has been overhauled for improving speed and reliability of eDiscovery search. This has expanded the distribution of work for greater fault tolerance and has also enabled search across more number of servers.

There is better search scalability through user interface in MS Exchange 2016 to help users get faster and guaranteed results.

If you need to store significantly large volumes of data, then MS Exchange hosting has you covered since it can automatically provision auto-expanding archive mailboxes as soon as the existing mailbox’s size reaches hundred GB.

The auxiliary mail boxes can be provisioned in increments of fifty GB to help accommodate growth in data archiving requirements.

Improved DLP for safeguarding data

MS Exchange has always been appreciated for its outstanding Data Loss Prevention attributes. In addition to enhancement of the existing data types to strengthen Data Loss Prevention capabilities MS Exchange offers greater assurance of safety and integrity of mission critical data.

DLP capabilities are further reinforced in new version of MS Exchange 2016 with addition of a broad array of additional information types such as common data types in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Cloud deployments

With growing instances of mergers and acquisitions, there is a need for smoother as well as faster transition of the existing business to cloud. MS Exchange hosting offers an excellent feature of hybrid capability to facilitate cloud deployments.

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