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Control Panels Hosting

As a website owner, you need a reliable hosting to make sure your website is accessible to web users. This means you need to access the web server where your site is hosted. But every website owner cannot afford to have direct access to the server. And that’s where a control panel comes into the picture. With a control panel, you can manage your hosting service to successfully run your site even if you are no expert in managing servers.

For those who don’t know, a control panel is an online interface that lets you manage various aspects of your web hosting account. Using a control panel, you can implement administrative tasks in just a few clicks. You can even handle complex tasks such as server migration in a couple of minutes.

In the absence of a control panel, you will have to depend on a system administrator for many of the tasks related to web hosting. A user-friendly control panel such as cPanel or Plesk brings all the features for managing your website on a simple and intuitive interface. So, a control panel essentially makes your life easier and tasks simpler.

Coming to what a control panel is capable of doing, there are a wide range of web and server administration tasks you can manage using a control panel-domain name management, email management, file management, third-party app installation and management, database management, backups and support.

When you purchase a new hosting plan, you are going to get familiar with its control panel. In fact, you may see the control panel more than the website itself. For this reason, it is vital that the control panel you are offered should be easy-to-use and offer all the basic features and functionalities you need to run your website without hassle. Every control panel has a different interface, different design and a different way of dealing with tasks. So, while all control panels essentially do the same things, not every panel will make sense to you.

At CloudOYE, we offer the whole range of control panels-cPanel, Plesk and WHM-to help you simplify website and server management. Our intuitive control panels combined with our powerful servers help you make the most of your web hosting solution, allowing your business to grow by leaps and bounds.

Choose from our Range of Control Panels

  • cPanel

    cPanel and WHM allow your business to run seamlessly at all times. With an easy accessibility to all four levels, you can have easy access to the tools you need anytime and from anywhere; all you require is internet access.

  • Webhost Manager (WHM) Server Administrator Login

    Using WHM you can allocate accounts, modify security settings, install add-on software and much more. This interface also allows easy access to the core of cPanel.

  • cPanel with Web Host Manager (WHM)

    Unlimited Domain Server Management simplified for Linux Server Web Hosting.

  • Webhost Manager (WHM) Reseller Login

    The server administrator has the authority to give access to WHM to the resellers to create new domain owner accounts, backup accounts and other any tools they want to access.

  • cPanel [Domain Owner Login]

    A domain owner within cPanel gets access to deploy tools through which they can create an outstanding digital presence. Through it, they can add mail accounts, access files, use website builders, integrate a blog to their website and a lot more. Moreover, cPanel offers easy access to a wide range of hosting features that can put your hosting business on the map.

  • Mail [Mail User Login]

    Every person with an e-mail account on a cPanel domain has access to webmail, spam filtering, message filter and many more settings, so they can enjoy a great e-mail experience.

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is an across-the-board control panel for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. The Plesk control panel is designed to simplify the management of your web server. Plesk automates a wide range of tasks that enable you to cut down operating costs and resources while increasing profitability and efficiency.

You will get four login levels in Plesk, each having its suitable roles and responsibilities:

  • Administrator

    Individual level server login which not only enables the administrators to set up, but also manage all system items. Multiple level servers can be centrally administered using the Master level login of Plesk Expand.

  • Client/Reseller

    A second-tier login account is the one where end-users are given domain creation rights by the System Administrator. Clients can manage different domains with a single login.

  • Mail User

    This is the fourth-tier individual mail account that enables the end-user to manage and configure passwords, spam filters, anti-virus settings and much more through their interface.

  • 30 Domains

    Server Management simplified for Linux and Windows Server Hosting India

  • 100 Domains

    Server Management simplified for Windows and Linux Servers

  • Unlimited Domains

    Server Management simplified for Windows and Linux Servers.

For more information on our control panels, get in touch with our experts at 91-120-6025102 or mail us on

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