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Experience reliable, secure and hassle-free web hosting at the most budget-friendly prices.

Linux Shared Hosting: An Overview

A lot goes into creating a website that delivers an exceptional user experience. One of these is a reliable web hosting service. But choosing a hosting service can be mind-boggling, given the number of options available out there. The most pocket-friendly way to get your site online is through shared hosting.

Shared hosting, also known as virtual hosting, is the hosting framework that hosts multiple sites on a single server. Each website on a shared server is allocated a limited amount of the total resources, depending on their hosting package. Because shared hosting is the most inexpensive hosting alternative and is easy to begin with, it can be a great option if you are just starting online and have a limited budget.

As an illustrious web hosting company, CloudOYE offers premium Linux shared hosting solutions to individuals and businesses across industry verticals. Backed by high availability, high redundancy and high connectivity, our best-in-class shared hosting solutions ensure the seamless running of your website, thereby creating a frictionless experience for your visitors.

We take the full onus of our clients’ infrastructure stack, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. We deliver services through our fully-resilient data centers and high-speed networks that guarantee an uninterrupted running of your operations. We procure hardware equipment from some of the highly acclaimed brands in the industry including Dell, Microsoft and HP.

In addition to this, we offer a guaranteed network uptime of 99.95%. As a result, websites hosted on our Linux shared servers do not succumb to latency and downtime issues.

If you are seeking a hosting service that delivers extraordinary performance without putting a dent in your pocket, opt for our Linux shared hosting plans today.

Access a Range of Powerful Features for your Website

  • Intuitive Control Panel

    Manage your website with our web-based cPanel. Our intuitive panel lets you configure and organize resources depending on the requirements of your business.

  • Instant Account Setup

    We let you go online on the instant. Once you confirm your payment, your account is set up within no time.

  • Database Support

    Our Linux hosting servers support a whole range of databases: MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL and so on.

  • Automated Backups

    We create an automated backup of your business-critical data making your business immune to unexpected occurrences.

  • Hassle-Free Migration

    Our higher-tier packages include a complimentary migration feature that allows for cost-free, hassle-free website migration.

  • Malware Protection

    We understand how important it is to keep your site protected from malware and other vulnerabilities. That’s why we offer built-in malware protection in all our packages.

Linux Shared Hosting Key Differentiators

  • World-Class Data Centers

    Our tier-III data center facilities are equipped with modern IT infrastructure, enterprise-grade cooling and ventilation systems besides robust recovery systems, all of which facilitate the smooth running of your website.

  • Carrier-Neutral

    Our data center facilities are carrier-neutral. This means you can select the internet service provider (ISP) of your choice and, if needed, switch from one provider to another.

  • Free Set-Up

    CloudOYE offers free server setup and up-gradation services which means you can begin your hosting journey without incurring any unnecessary expenditure.

  • Premium Bandwidth

    Our Linux servers offer premium bandwidth to fulfill the fluctuating needs of your growing website.

  • Robust SLA

    Our robust service-level agreement ensures we adhere to industry best practices and deliver the highest quality of service under all circumstances.

  • 24*7*365 Support

    We promise and deliver unfaltering support to our clients. Connect with our experts at any time of the day and get your issues resolved instantaneously.

So, have you decided to go for a shared hosting solution? If yes, connect with our hosting experts to understand which of our Linux shared hosting plans suit your business needs.

Linux Shared Hosting FAQs

Want Customized Cloud Hosting Solution? Get personalized quote from CloudOYE

As a customer-centric entity, we leave no stone unturned in providing our clients with solutions that align perfectly with their business needs. A two-decade-old entity in the technology domain, CloudOYE offers the whole gamut of cloud and infrastructure services at cost-effective prices: Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Colocation, Email Hosting and much more. Our best-in-industry services are backed by world-class infrastructure, robust security, 99.95% network uptime and round-the-clock technical support.

Can’t find a solution catering to your needs? Don’t fret, we will build one for you. For any query, talk to us through our live chat option or get in touch through e-mail at

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