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Reliable Corporate Email Solution At Your Fingertips

Streamline your business communication with our secure and cheapest corporate email server. With advanced features and robust security measures, our corporate email server solution ensures seamless collaboration and enhances productivity. Enjoy hassle-free email management, seamless integration with existing systems, and unparalleled reliability. Stay connected, organized, and in control with our trusted corporate email server. Experience the power of efficient communication for your business today.

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Corporate Email Server: an Overview

Emails play an indispensable role in business communication. In fact, a corporate user, on average, shares around 110 email messages on a daily basis. Because you share sensitive information in these emails, it’s vital that these conversations remain secure. Agreed, you can always rely upon free email services such as Google, Yahoo and Rediffmail. But can you ever be certain they will safeguard your business-critical information?

As a corporate professional, you might be sharing hundreds of critical documents such as invoices, client contacts, legal, and contractual information with clients. This information gets stored in your email account. By using a generic email ID such as or, you stand a chance of losing customers, subscribers and other key stakeholders.

Several scenarios can affect your business significantly: email hacking, password stealing or even forgetting a password. What if you fall prey to any of these and you’re using a free email service? You will remain perturbed until the issue gets resolved, won’t you?

To avoid such unsavory incidents, it’s best to use a corporate email server.

If you’re wondering what a corporate email server is, it is a server that handles and delivers corporate emails over the internet. A corporate email server can receive mails from client computers and deliver them to other email servers. A client computer is typically the computer where you read your emails.

At CloudOYE, we offer top-of-the-line corporate email server hosting solutions comprising a host of versatile features including IMAP/POP3 mail, spam and virus protection, online storage, support for massive attachments, unlimited aliases, auto responders, mailing lists, folder management, archiving, and much more. We grant you the flexibility to access mails from any place and let you select the email client of choice.

As an industry veteran, we fully understand what you seek as a client. We, therefore, provide you with first-rate hosting services that specifically address your key pain areas helping you accomplish unimagined security, agility and productivity.

So, if world-class corporate email solutions are what you seek, avail of our hosting plans TODAY.

Choose CloudOYE’s Superior Email Solutions for Best Results

Emails are critical to any business communication. Notwithstanding the emergence of social platforms, the email remains the primary mode of communication between an organization and its stakeholders.

As an entity holding profound expertise in the cloud and hosting industry, CloudOYE appreciates the importance of corporate email hosting for organizations. And that’s why we offer superior, flexible and secure email hosting solutions to corporations in every nook and corner of the globe.

Our email solutions bestow clients with a plethora of features that they need to streamline business communication. They can access their emails, calendars and contacts on our webmail application and synchronize it with their PC and mobile devices. While our basic plans cover the essential features needed for seamless communication and collaboration, the higher-tier plans offer advanced features including cloud storage and instant messaging.

We also provide a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange to let clients access sophisticated email options such as push emails, shared calendars and contacts and archival tools. This eradicates the need for executing Exchange over in-house servers.

Enjoy a Range of Benefits with our Corporate Email Hosting Service

Build Credibility with a Unique Address

A corporate email address adds to the credibility of your business and makes you appear professional. Stand out from the crowd by opting for a unique address. Choose an existing domain or register a new one.

Access Emails from Anywhere, Anytime

Access your fully synced email account from any device: mobile, desktop, tablet and stay abreast of the latest from your stakeholders. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Choose the Email Client you want

Our email solutions are incredibly flexible. So, we let you choose the email client of your preference. Choose Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. Our email solutions are compatible with all platforms.

Steer Clear of Spam and Malware

Data breaches are getting commonplace with emails being a common source of malicious links. Don’t fret, at CloudOYE we get you covered. Our solutions have built-in spam and malware protection capabilities that keep unsolicited intrusion at bay.

Manage Everything in One Place

Our exhaustive email solutions let you stay super-organized. Answer emails, create events and line up tasks from a single location.

Store Everything You Need

Our higher-tier plans offer ample space to store everything you need. Get room for your mission-critical documents. Share bulky attachments within seconds.

Corporate Email Server Key Differentiators

Customized Solution

We cater to the specific needs of your business by offering solutions fully customized to your hosting requirements.

Top-Notch Infrastructure

We offer hosting services through our world-class data center facilities that are equipped with top-of-the-line infrastructure and are designed for high redundancy, superior bandwidth availability in addition to rock-solid security.

Rock-Solid Security

Our world-class data center facilities boast of a six-zone security system that assures seamless running of your business applications. All our facilities are equipped with high-resolution surveillance cameras, biometric scanners, and armed manpower at entry and exit points.

Superior Connectivity

We strictly adhere to our service level agreements and offer 99.95% network uptime at all times. Our low-latency bandwidth ensures your critical applications perform optimally with no major glitches.

Unwavering Support

We boast of a team of dedicated professionals honed in all aspects of email hosting. You can connect with these experts through multiple communication channels: email, live chat and telephone and get your issues resolved instantly.

Select from our Range of Corporate Email Hosting Solutions

MS Exchange Email Hosting

Skyrocket your productivity with always-available MS Exchange Email Hosting.

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Zimbra Email Hosting

Streamline business communication and collaboration with cost-effective Zimbra Email Hosting.

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Corporate Email Server FAQs

Want Customized Cloud Hosting Solution? Get personalized quote from CloudOYE

As a customer-centric entity, we leave no stone unturned in providing our clients with solutions that align perfectly with their business needs. A two-decade-old entity in the technology domain, CloudOYE offers the whole gamut of cloud and infrastructure services at cost-effective prices: Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Colocation, Email Hosting and much more. Our best-in-industry services are backed by world-class infrastructure, robust security, 99.95% network uptime and round-the-clock technical support.

Can’t find a solution catering to your needs? Don’t fret, we will build one for you. For any query, talk to us through our live chat option or get in touch through e-mail at

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