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Cloud bandwidth


"Enhanced efficiency, lightning fast processing with our unmatched bandwidth optimization"

No Bandwidth throttling, and no data volume limits

  • Free Inbound Transfers
    We don't charge a penny for incoming data transfers or for intra server communication. You just have to pay for outbound data transfer. By signing up for CloudOye, you get unlimited data transfer between services on your private VLAN.
  • Private Network Automation
    We make it easy to optimize your services by auto-assigning private network addresses and letting you connect to your Cloud Storage service over the private network.
  • Advanced DC-to-DC options
    Enjoy smooth and free of charge private network data flow/transfer within a data center. However, if you wish to have a private connection between the data center, you can easily avail our Cloud Link.
  • 1:1 Internet bandwidth

  • Carrier Neutral Network

  • Speedily customizable internet bandwidth

  • Ranging from 1 MBPS to 1 GBPS highly scalable bandwidth

  • Offers customized network connectivity over MPLS, P2P, Leased line etc.

  • Ultra-secured network access over VPN

  • 0-1 TB
    USD 0.10/GB
  • 1-5 TB
    USD 0.09/GB
  • 6-10 TB
    USD 0.08/GB
  • 11-25 TB
    USD 0.08/GB
  • 26-50 TB
    USD 0.07/GB
  • 51+ TB
    USD 0.07/GB


CloudOye utilizes the breakthrough technology that offers its clients an impeccable cloud computing platform. Bagged multiple Tier 1 ISP's ensures lower latency, and better control over routing. The entire bandwidth is consolidated with BGP, and is entirely connected over a redundant Fiber network. Additionally, we maintain N+N redundancy and offers 100% of network uptime.

Resultantly, you don't have to bother about anything as CloudOye owes the complete responsibility of IOPS, performance, integrity, security and protection of your vital data.

Stay Ahead and Stay Safe by CloudOye's Invincible Solutions

Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Gentoo, openSUSE, Scientific Linux, Ubuntu
Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2

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