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Jamroom is a software for building online community for likeminded users. It could be related to any subject. A group of music lovers, or sports fanatics or a group interested in cooking and several similar platforms. Jamroom offers several templates to get the community started online. Being CSS based it allows the users to edit the interface to suit their personal preferences. The website will be responsive to let the community members access it in any way they like. The users are allowed to customize their profile.

Jamroom has a modular architecture giving its developers liberty to extend the functionalities as the need arises. With new modules, the users get more features to add to their profiles. The Jamroom design structure is based on the concept that profiles are the primary places for content upload and import into the site by the developers. It is said that Jamroom got its idea based on the musical content management system that built communities to exhibit their talents. But from the time of Jamroom 5 the restriction of Jamroom only for music has been changed and expanded to other areas though the name has been retained.

Jamroom open source is an application for the technically qualified webmasters and developers that look to install Jamroom on their servers. The open source modules and skins come free although there are some premium modules that come with a fee and need to be purchased from the market place. The software was initially released in 2003.

Jamroom cloud is the latest module meant for the premium users that comes with all the benefits that the cloud infrastructure offers. It allows the users to scale their requirements seamlessly and host it across multiple servers to reach the audience from any location.

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