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4images is a highly customizable, web- based image gallery management system. It is a free, open source software that can be configured through the administration area. Licensed under GPL, it is written in PHP and MySQL database. 4images works on php 4.0.5 and above versions and requires MySQL later versions than the 3.23v.

Some of the important features of 4images include:

The entire gallery system is protected with extensive password controlled administration. The user passwords are all saved and stored in the database in an encrypted form.

4images is available in most of the leading languages. It comes with an external language file that allows easy translation into other native languages for the users.

It comes with the one click installer making it easy for the users to setup

Users get advanced search features, comments and notifications by RSS Feed of news and updates.

4images offers unlimited categories and sub-categories with features like logging and details of clicks.

Users have the authority to post comments, give ratings, mark images as favorites. Users have permissions to join multiple user groups, upload functions and see who is online.

Extensive support of bb- codes like italics, bold etc. 4images comes with enhanced anti-spam and anti-malware measures.

Automatically wraps long words. Add countless features and change appearance with just a few clicks with the numerous extensions available.

4images is highly customizable and users are allowed to use it in any way they prefer.

4images supports all types of data formats – jpg, GIF, PNG and many more.

4images software rights are owned by Dots United. It was founded in the year 2003 and the latest version 1.7.13 was released in November 2015. 4images has a huge community of developers and experts who are always willing to assist the newcomers with any sort of advice and support.

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