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Benefits of Cloud Backup Services for Small Businesses

Posted by Manish Singh on Jan 15, 2024 01:01:53 pm

In today's world, where an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day, the analogy of data being the new gold rings is more accurate than ever, especially for small businesses. These enterprises, forming the backbone of the ... Read more>>

2023 Cloud Computing Trends: Stay Informed with the Latest Updates

Posted by Manish Singh on Oct 17, 2023 11:39:28 am

Cloud computing has already changed how businesses operate, but the cloud's disruptive consequences still need to be addressed. Trends in 2023 showed that firms would continue to embrace the cloud to modernize operations and enhance IT capabi... Read more>>

Decoding Object Storage Pricing: Proven Tips for Maximum Savings

Posted by Manish Singh on Sep 21, 2023 04:16:15 pm

Take Control of Your Object Storage Costs Now!   Hey! Welcome to our blog section! Did you know that the world's most significant object storage system can store over 100 petabytes of data? That's equivalent to streaming HD movies f... Read more>>

Can Cheap GPU Dedicated Server Deliver Premium Performance?

Posted by Manish Singh on Sep 13, 2023 06:03:47 pm

Absolutely! In today's digital age, where we need high-performance computing for various tasks like gaming, AI, and data analysis, it's a great question.  Cheap GPU dedicated servers have come a long way thanks to technological advancemen... Read more>>

CloudOYE Data Center in Noida- Reliable & Robust For IT Solutions

Posted by Manish Singh on Jul 04, 2023 03:10:28 pm

In this rapidly evolving and technologically advanced era, the seamless transmission of information is paramount for the success of businesses. Modern enterprises heavily depend on data, which acts as their life force. Let us introduce CloudOYE, an e... Read more>>

The Future of Healthcare: Exploring the Effective Fusion of Cloud Computing and AI

Posted by Manish Singh on Apr 17, 2023 06:26:16 pm

The healthcare industry has experienced a technological revolution over the last few years, with new developments changing how care is provided. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are the two technologies that can potentially transform ... Read more>>

Transforming Tomorrow: Why Multi and Hybrid Cloud Should be in Your Strategy

Posted by Admin on Apr 03, 2023 11:41:06 am

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, businesses constantly search for innovative ways to remain in the competition and stay ahead of the game.  Today, the cloud ecosystem contains infrastructure, compliance, security, and more.  ... Read more>>

Which Type of Cloud Storage Is Best for You?

Posted by Admin on Jan 17, 2023 12:29:58 pm

In terms of storing your valuable data, you have a few options to choose from. How do you decide which one is appropriate for your business? Well, cloud storage is an integral part of every business nowadays. Whatever the application database or ... Read more>>

5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is The Next Big Thing

Posted by Abhishek Yadav on Jun 06, 2022 03:45:24 pm

The best thing about the technology is that it keeps upgrading with time. Cloud computing, an emerging IT field, is globally accepted by the business as a game-changing technology. The reason why people across the world are crazy about the cloud ... Read more>>

Top 10 Questions To Ask While Hiring Cloud Service Provider in 2022

Posted by Abhishek Yadav on May 20, 2022 05:43:43 pm

  Cloud is a budding technology that is rapidly getting popular among the companies managing IT operations and business. Companies are now so reliant on cloud technologies that they cannot function without them. However, switching to the clou... Read more>>

How 5G is Helping Businesses Around the World?

Posted by Abhishek Yadav on Mar 04, 2022 03:49:14 pm

The arrival of 5G is going to completely transform businesses and offer a new mobile experience. Wireless 5G technology was introduced in the telecom industry with the primary goal to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. However, the ... Read more>>

8 Ways Cloud Computing Impacts The World of Web Design

Posted by Admin on Feb 11, 2022 05:20:30 pm

Cloud computing offers businesses the opportunity to improve their operations and maximize their profits. As per a research, small businesses can achieve twenty-five percent extra revenue growth due to cloud computing. So, how does cloud computi... Read more>>

IoT Security Complete Walkthrough

Posted by Admin on Jan 31, 2022 12:15:19 pm

Source The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-developing network of connected objects. With the IoT, we can exchange and collect data center via embedded sensors. Almost every smart device is connection-centric and this includes smartwatches a... Read more>>

The Algebra of web hosting services

Posted by Admin on Oct 01, 2019 03:01:23 pm

The algebra of web hosting services needs a fresh outlook. The first equation that hits the desk of new businesses is the scope of their market. All the professionals working for a particular business ponder over one basic question: How big is the ma... Read more>>

Implementation of Server Collocation is the need of the hour

Posted by Admin on Sep 23, 2019 12:27:16 pm

With a continuously growing industry, it really becomes tiresome to manage and dedicate time as well as human labor in each and every areas and directions. The very such work which is popping at the top of my mind is managing your own data centers. Y... Read more>>

Migrating to the Cloud? Three Significant Data Efforts Required to be Done!

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Mar 25, 2019 02:28:27 pm

Cloud migration is basically the method of migrating information, various applications or different business components towards a cloud computing atmosphere. There are varied forms of cloud migrations an organization will conduct. It is the mi... Read more>>

How The Data Is Kept Secured By Data Centers?

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Feb 15, 2019 03:17:07 pm

Once customers collaborate with an online host, they are basically trusting them along with their delicate data, and presuming that they are going to keep it far from curious eyes. Although how safe it is? Famous TV events typically embrace ha... Read more>>

How To Prevent Three Conventional Security Risks On The Business Website

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Feb 02, 2019 12:35:57 pm

Users basically depend over their business websites regularly for completing various encrypted transactions. Unluckily, it almost takes a single hacker to knock down their complete web site as well as their business image within the procedure. Fr... Read more>>

Which One Is Better AWS Cloud And Google Cloud Platform?

Posted by Pooja Singh on Dec 06, 2018 04:03:59 pm

Onsite IT infrastructures are rapidly being replaced with services that are based on cloud computing. Public and private cloud configurations are being embraced by enterprise clients across the globe as running and maintaining on-premise IT resou... Read more>>

Data Centre Infrastructure Figures Are Continuously Rising, Buoyed By Public Cloud And Enterprise Servers

Posted by Gauri Mishra on Oct 03, 2018 11:41:00 am

As the public cloud server hosting sector in India is expanding day-by day, having a dedicated Data Center in India holds big advantages for organisational expansion. Over the past few years, spending on data centre in India for infrastructure, hardw... Read more>>

Importance of Smart Cooling and Heating Tactics in a Power-efficient Data Center

Posted by Mansi Singh on Aug 31, 2018 12:50:40 pm

Energy saved is energy produced as per an old cliché. This can be the most appropriate objective in data center environment because administrators of data center facilities across the globe are exploring newer ways to save costs through conserva... Read more>>

Positive Impact of DCIM on Health Quotient of Data Centers

Posted by Mansi Singh on Aug 17, 2018 12:04:57 pm

One should not underestimate significance of on-premise data center facilities in spite of proliferation of cloud adoption across many organizations and industrial sectors. There are still a considerable number of enterprises that leverage hybrid... Read more>>

Vital Tips to Achieve Impregnable Security of a Dedicated Server

Posted by Rohit Paul on Jul 25, 2018 03:01:19 pm

Security has become an important aspect of every business that operates online. This is because hardly anything can be assumed to be secure in the present environment that is infested by cybercriminals. Whether you are associated with a large con... Read more>>

Importance of Choosing the Right Cloud Data Storage Resource

Posted by Pooja Singh on Oct 24, 2017 11:01:00 am

Digitalization of business processes and marketing activities has lead to a phenomenal rise in generation of data. Organizations are always on the lookout for an efficient data management solution that offers unrestricted accessibility and robust... Read more>>

Key Factors that Prove Relevance of Colocation Data Centers

Posted by Mansi Singh on Jun 02, 2017 12:29:57 pm

Since the trend of outsourcing has been influencing almost all business processes, it is not surprising to see a number of organizations outsourcing their data center requirements. Management of data centers is an entirely different ball game and ... Read more>>

Key Factors to Consider while Securing Data in Cloud

Posted by Pooja Singh on May 20, 2017 12:56:54 pm

Cloud adoption has always been influenced by concerns about security of data in cloud. Enterprises and businesses from all verticals and of all sizes share these concerns while moving their critical data to cloud. However, with advent of the latest d... Read more>>

Benefits Of Making The Transition From Physical Servers To Virtual Servers

Posted by Nikita Mittal on May 15, 2017 02:20:45 pm

Virtualization is a type of software-powered data center in which a virtual version of device or resource has been developed. The biggest advantage of using virtual resources is that it allows easy movement across physical data center sites. The soft... Read more>>

Vital Considerations for Seamless Migration of Data Center Facility

Posted by Divya Trivedi on May 04, 2017 06:03:20 pm

Banking and financial institutions undertake cost controlling exercises including re-evaluation of business processes and internal positioning for greater efficiencies at lesser costs. The most commonly focused infrastructure for implementation of co... Read more>>

Open Software Defined Cloud as the Data Center of Tomorrow

Posted by rahul.bhaduri on Feb 23, 2017 11:37:52 am

Organizations consider cloud as a valuable resource to enhance their agility, operational flexibility, and ability to scale. Depending on the type of cloud that is being implemented in enterprise cloud infrastructure, organizations can expect to impr... Read more>>

Embracing Big Data by Adoption of Cloud Computing

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Feb 08, 2017 12:11:55 pm

The amalgamation of cloud and big data can be attributed to fresh IT wave that is causing ripples across IT departments of different industry verticals. Challenges associated with data storage in the new environment of big data and cloud, are influen... Read more>>

Assessment of the Need and Growth of Data Virtualization

Posted by sinchan.mitra on Jan 27, 2017 11:33:52 am

It is estimated by experts that data virtualization is poised to grow in terms of its importance with massive generation of data is extremely important for the organizations. Importance of data virtualization is attributed to the need for extracting ... Read more>>

Growing Relevance of Cloud to Large Organizations

Posted by vivek on Jan 23, 2017 12:35:05 pm

We should not overlook some of the tradeoffs of cloud computing while appreciating its large spectrum of advantages. Every organization needs to assess its current needs and future growth objectives before concluding whether public cloud services wou... Read more>>

Major Factors Influencing Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plan in Healthcare Cloud Data

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Jan 18, 2017 12:42:12 pm

There is more to healthcare cloud technology than merely sharing electronic health data or running applications on thin clients. We should also consider DRaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service as one of the principal aspects of healthcare cloud techn... Read more>>

Important Data Center Transformations for Handling Massive Demands of IOT

Posted by harpreet on Jan 04, 2017 11:30:57 am

Immense growth in number of internet enable devices has resulted in the development of the new concept popularly known as Internet of Things (IoT). These gadgets include smart phones, and other smart devices such as wearable devices, e- vending machi... Read more>>

Establish Assured Business Continuity with Server Mirroring

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Dec 26, 2016 12:41:09 pm

Mirroring techniques in the domain of web industry are essential for achieving fault tolerance of machines and are usually implemented for applications, servers, and databases. The method of server mirroring involves an identical image or replica of ... Read more>>

Business Continuity- Key Elements and Best Practices

Posted by harpreet on Dec 21, 2016 12:46:12 pm

Variety of natural disasters, large scale malware attacks, or terror strikes can expose an organization’s ability to deal with power outages and downtime events. It has been proven on number of occasions that relying on power backup systems and hum... Read more>>

Carrier Neutral Data Centers And Their Uses

Posted by Mansi Singh on Dec 20, 2016 02:14:59 pm

A carrier neutral data centre is one which permits more than one telecommunication companies to offer their services through a single provider. This is one further step ahead in attaining depth in the data center industry. This convergence of various... Read more>>

Cisco Predicts Emergence of Hyperscale Data Centers in Response to Huge Cloud Driven Traffic by 2020

Posted by Mansi Singh on Dec 07, 2016 10:59:55 am

Thanks to growing adoption of cloud architecture by more and more enterprises, cloud traffic is poised to exceed 15.3 ZB by 2020, causing a 262 percent growth in data center traffic as per Cisco Global Cloud Index. The report goes on to predict migra... Read more>>

Relevance of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Choosing Right Data Center Provider

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Nov 24, 2016 11:56:20 am

There can be two radically different perspectives of data centers depending on individual entrepreneurs. For some of the businessmen, a data center is a physical facility that is used for positioning servers and storage of data. However, a data cente... Read more>>

How Hackers Are Using Newer Methods To Breach Data Security At PSUs and Other Major Govt. Enterprises

Posted by Mansi Singh on Nov 21, 2016 02:20:33 pm

Data privacy and security are topics that have been in news for quite some time now. It is not uncommon to come across news of data privacy being compromised and security breaches. As a consequence‚ the spending on security has burgeoned by a huge ... Read more>>

How To Achieve Effective Cross Platform Data Migration Without Affecting Your Business Adversely

Posted by Monika Sharma on Nov 19, 2016 11:04:50 am

It has become extremely important for businesses to adapt quickly and effectively to the changing demands and environment if they have to emerge successful in a market that’s getting increasingly cutthroat. One of the best ways of keeping pace with... Read more>>

BFSI Entities Achieve E-expansion by Building Rock-solid Foundation of Data Security

Posted by Pooja Singh on Nov 18, 2016 10:29:32 am

Banking institutions in India are poised to introduce a plethora of new initiatives that are empowered by technology. These initiatives are focused at young generation that accounts for the largest youth population across the globe. Integration of so... Read more>>

Strategies for Improving Data Center Energy Efficiency

Posted by Divya Trivedi on Nov 16, 2016 11:11:58 am

Improving energy efficiency of a data center facility can be an extremely challenging task and it is hardly surprising that only a handful of organizations have been able to succeed in this grand accomplishment. Pursuit of more business and efforts o... Read more>>

Role of Data Analytics for Improving Efficiency of Future Data Centers Infrastructure

Posted by Monika Sharma on Nov 10, 2016 12:45:56 pm

Technological advances have paved ways for data analytics to become the essence of entire data center operations. It is now possible to provide application level integration by accessing meta-data from data center components.           Ap... Read more>>

Why Online Data Backup Is A Better Idea For Business

Posted by Admin on Nov 04, 2016 12:27:14 pm

The growing trend of BYOD (or bring your own device) has opened up immense opportunities for vendors to store and backup data online. Entrepreneurs are now increasingly looking for services that offer inclusive online file sharing, backup and cont... Read more>>

Ways to Secure Data in the Cloud

Posted by Monika Sharma on Oct 26, 2016 11:26:41 am

With the numbers of cloud users escalating every year and people placing their complete trust in cloud storage, it has indeed become important to know ways to secure your data and applications in the cloud hosting. Whether it is financial documents o... Read more>>

How Data Center Infrastructure Control Leads to Better Efficiency and Agility

Posted by Nikita Mittal on Oct 24, 2016 12:50:58 pm

Modern organizations operating in a highly complex and dynamic business environment know that their very survival is directly linked to their agility, ability to innovate, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Information centres are constantly being ch... Read more>>

Are you ready to give a shot to Big Data Analytics?

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Sep 27, 2016 01:48:36 pm

The exponentially growing data has enabled a sea change in the way organizations perform. It is transforming the long-held assumptions, practices, and funding approaches. To begin with, the healthcare industry that is collecting and analyzing heaps a... Read more>>

Things to Consider Before Opting For Cloud Data Storage

Posted by manjarisingh on Aug 26, 2016 07:19:22 pm

Cloud data storage as the name suggests is storage of data online in the cloud. An organization hires the services of a quality service provider to store its business critical data on their remote servers.  Cloud storage offers a host of benefits li... Read more>>

Data Security: A Barrier or Bridge for Cloud Adoption

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Jun 04, 2016 12:13:44 pm

In today’s data-driven culture, every business leader bank on data to attain strategic insights and operational upshots. The increasing rate of data production is asserting organizations to adopt cloud computing platforms to access their applicat... Read more>>

How Businesses Will Approach Backup and Disaster Recovery in 2016

Posted by Taiba Fatima on May 21, 2016 04:56:35 pm

Every commercial enterprise, in any given sector, is prone to unpredictable disasters. This is what the past and current market dynamics divulge.  Businesses that have been successful in shielding their workloads against catastrophes must be patting... Read more>>

How to derive value from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Apr 15, 2016 06:34:49 pm

When it comes to digital marketing, there are two surefire ways to generate revenue. The first one is to bring more visitors to your website in order to amplify sales; the second one is to make changes into your existing website so that the sales can... Read more>>

Pointers that Every CEO Needs to Comprehend About the Future of Data Centers

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Mar 15, 2016 05:31:47 pm

In today’s business scenario, most of the IT systems are getting expeditiously deployed in a holistic hybrid ecosystem. Here holistic ecosystem covers onsite /offsite cloud computing models (public cloud, private cloud), custom tools and third-part... Read more>>

Protect Your Data From a Disaster with Server Virtualization

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Feb 02, 2016 05:20:56 pm

Businesses are continuously increasing, from small scale industries to big brands, seeking to carve a niche in the competitive marketplace. Marching on the track of revolutionizing technologies, every business is striving to survive and ascertain an ... Read more>>

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: The New & Transforming Business Trend

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Jan 21, 2016 03:38:08 pm

In today’s business scenario, most of the IT systems are getting expeditiously deployed in a holistic hybrid ecosystem. Here holistic ecosystem covers onsite /offsite cloud computing models (public cloud, private cloud), custom tools and third-part... Read more>>

Does Cloud Outstrip Conventional Data Centers?

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Nov 21, 2015 09:51:58 am

In an effort to expand into the lucrative market segments, CEOs are making all plausible attempts to harness technological prowess based upon profound cloud backed platforms. Both, small and big industry players have up their sleeves to accept this t... Read more>>

Big Data and Its Impact on Businesses

Posted by Taiba Fatima on Mar 24, 2015 04:54:26 pm

In today’s economic scenario, businesses of all shapes and sizes are witnessing explosive data growth, which is widely impacting how IT industry manages the surpassing data limits. The influx of information generated from multitude of sources prese... Read more>>

How is Cloud Computing Different From Other Traditional Applications

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Mar 24, 2015 03:54:13 pm

Being most widely acclaimed and mostly recommended across the industry, cloud technology is suitable for almost everyone. Taking into account it's great potential, more and more firms are adapting the advanced cloud hosting technology.  W... Read more>>

Data Center Infrastructure Management- A Solution for Greater Efficiency

Posted by rahul.bhaduri on Mar 24, 2015 02:44:45 pm

With Organizations embarking on the journey towards efficiency, agility and cost rationalization, the data centers are constantly facing the challenge of making a move towards more advanced infrastructure management software. The IT teams continue... Read more>>

IaaS to Grow Faster Than In-house Data Centers

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Mar 24, 2015 02:42:31 pm

With changing technology landscape, there has been a shift from building in-house data centers to adopting Infrastructure as a service or IaaS, one of the leading services from stack of cloud computing. Gartner, a technology research firm, predict... Read more>>

Steps to Ensure While Opting For a Data Center Facility

Posted by Sanjay Poddar on Mar 24, 2015 02:36:10 pm

An effective management of IT infrastructure is of paramount importance for any organization. In this ever evolving world, where technology keeps on changing every now and then, one cannot refute the relevance of a data center, which competently hous... Read more>>

Cooling System In Modern Data Center

Posted by sinchan.mitra on Mar 24, 2015 02:31:55 pm

There has been a continuous change - for the better - in the techniques for data center cooling. Even with technological advancements, the general principles remain consistent i.e. air is cooled by chilled water and then this air is strategically mov... Read more>>

Cloud Storage - A Boon For Business

Posted by Admin on Mar 24, 2015 12:28:57 pm

Cloud storage is no longer a passing fad. In fact, it is one of the pertinent components of the cloud computing technology. In simpler terms, cloud storage refers to storing or preserving of data and information in the cloud. Online cloud storage ... Read more>>

Growing Popularity Of Software Defined Data Centers

Posted by Admin on Mar 24, 2015 11:44:05 am

One of the most promising IT architecture trends that has been gaining tremendous popularity amongst data center operators of late is the software-defined data center approach. This technique definitely ushers in a plethora of benefits for those w... Read more>>

Support Your DR Requirements With Robust Data Center

Posted by Admin on Mar 23, 2015 05:25:49 pm

The prime driving forces that have been influencing today's IT investments are business continuity and high availability. With a round the clock operating economy, any downtime can severely hit your business operations resulting into huge loss in... Read more>>

Data Centers: Ensuring Security, Connectivity And Reliability

Posted by harpreet on Mar 20, 2015 03:10:01 pm

Data centers are actually the spinal cord of the businesses, managing the process outflow and business-critical assets in an exemplary way. In this rapidly changing and everyday advancing environment, anticipating requisite business growth, with leas... Read more>>

How big data and cloud prowess can accelerate IoT expansion?

Posted by Admin on Jan 20, 2015 11:28:27 am

Recently undertaken research reveals that the Internet of Things (IoT) is on the verge of major development. However, in order to leverage increasingly emerging interconnected world one has to get to grips with the other two initiatives that will del... Read more>>

Optimizing Data Center Capabilities with Cloud Portfolio

Posted by Admin on Oct 31, 2014 06:45:00 pm

Today, cloud technology is considered as the ultimate destination in a data center’s transformation journey. No matter, whether it is a public cloud or a private cloud – a converged cloud computing environment having the best of both the worlds i... Read more>>

Can Cloud Technology Boost a Country’s Economic Productivity?

Posted by Admin on Oct 27, 2014 03:56:23 pm

As companies in this digital era are connected via the Internet, technology experts and researchers are gauging the impact of information technology on a country’s gross domestic product (GDP). A nation’s economic productivity mainly provides an ... Read more>>

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Advanced Cloud Storage

Posted by Geetanjali Mukherjee on Oct 10, 2014 07:06:08 pm

There's only so much that a small business can spend on new equipment compared to their larger peers. Strategies such as hiring staff and expansion plans always take a back seat due to budget constraints. In order to attain required level of heal... Read more>>

Cloud Adoption: A Business Approach Emerges Here to Stay

Posted by Admin on Oct 07, 2014 06:14:19 pm

The approaching years will witness a substantial increase in the far-stretched adoption of cloud services by several business segments. In this light, developers and architects seeking to build new applications are leveraging the latest cloud based s... Read more>>

Clean Technology, an Eco-Friendly Cloud Hosting Service

Posted by Geetanjali Mukherjee on Sep 20, 2014 05:23:30 pm

Computing power consumption of global enterprises is critically high these days. Such computing resources have a direct impact on our environment. Scientists and researchers across the globe have realized the same in the past decade; that is why they... Read more>>

IaaS: An Effective Revenue Generation Model

Posted by Admin on Sep 20, 2014 12:13:04 pm

With increasing business risks and rapidly changing economic environment, enterprises today are more focusing on flexibility and business agility. Businesses need to ensure that their existing IT set up and operations must achieve strategic and finan... Read more>>

Why You Should Select Private Cloud For Your Business

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Sep 09, 2014 12:47:48 pm

Cloud hosting is nothing but a technology that allows you to store data on cloud. Cloud has become popular because of n-numbers of facilities and solutions are been provided to the customers. Due to these, are going cloud way. This blog speaks of dif... Read more>>

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC): Democratizing Data Center Efficiency

Posted by Admin on Aug 27, 2014 06:43:37 pm

In this new IT architecture era, software-defined data centers are creating the latest buzz in the IT industry. More and more enterprises are either setting-up or strategically partnering with service providers offering software-defined data center f... Read more>>

Data Centers- A Lucrative Proposition for Businesses

Posted by Admin on Aug 08, 2014 05:48:06 pm

Organizations are increasingly relocating their IT infrastructure to proficiently managed data centers because of the marginal CAPEX cost, maximum up time and maximum resiliency. This has unexpectedly increased demand for data centers in India. The d... Read more>>

Mitigate Risk by Bringing Resilience to Your Data Center

Posted by Admin on Jul 31, 2014 05:07:51 pm

In cutthroat business landscape, prompt and incessant access to applications and data is indispensable for achieving success in marketplace. This urges the need for data resilience, which has become quintessence for businesses and IT lexicon, not to ... Read more>>

Data Center - An Ideal Business Growth Promoter

Posted by Admin on Jun 26, 2014 05:21:15 pm

India has evidenced a far-fetched escalation in the data center operations over past few years owning to increasing demand of IT services both in domestic and global market. Significantly, with the swelling IT activities and ever-increasing usage of ... Read more>>

Why DPaas Is Better Than Traditional Backup Provision?

Posted by Admin on Jun 24, 2014 06:14:48 pm

With the escalating economical growth rate across the globe, more and more businesses (regardless of their shape and size) are seeking different ways to efficiently manage the upsurge in data. In such scenarios, maintaining the security of mission-cr... Read more>>

Cloud Is Much More Than An Advanced Storage Provision

Posted by Admin on Jun 11, 2014 06:02:08 pm

The most common perception that individuals as well as businesses have about cloud computing is that is an optimal online storage provision. Undoubtedly, the advent of cloud technology has definitely ushered in a sea change in data storage and file s... Read more>>

Where Is Networking Industry Heading To : A Sneak Peek In Future

Posted by Admin on Jun 04, 2014 06:12:55 pm

Industry pundits predict that in 2014 the enterprise networking industry will undergo a major transformation. Trends from the last year, that is, cloud computing, BYOD, social media, and big data will persist to drive businesses of all shapes and siz... Read more>>

Data Center -Safeguarding Business

Posted by Neeti Patial on Apr 25, 2014 05:39:30 pm

Continuity in business is of prime importance in Information Technology. An interrupted service is highly uncalled for and could result in losing your customer base. This is where a Data Center pitches in and promises to keep your servers in safer-th... Read more>>

What Is a Data Center And How Is It Managed?

Posted by Neeti Patial on Apr 07, 2014 05:31:34 pm

Are you new to the realm of web hosting? If yes, then you must be coming across a different and an unfamiliar term, that is, "Data center". We can understand that as a layman it would be a bit daunting to decipher terms which are completely new for y... Read more>>

Virtualization Of Data Center In Cloud Hosting Environment

Posted by Neeti Patial on Apr 01, 2014 06:28:25 pm

In this emerging era of cloud technology, most of the enterprises are trying to get their hands on constructing a data center for cloud hosting, and give a competitive advantage to their businesses. Evidently, you need an elite cloud environment owin... Read more>>

Data Backup: Still in Dilemma Which One Is Better -Cloud Computing or Onsite Option?

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 24, 2014 06:46:06 pm

Do you back up your mission-critical data periodically? What are all the options that you are currently using to back up your data? Whether you are storing your data on onsite or in the cloud platform? It is of paramount significance to take out few ... Read more>>

What are The Major Reasons Behind The Power And Cooling Crisis That Today's Data Centers Face?

Posted by Admin on Mar 21, 2014 07:13:21 pm

Global demand for digital information and multimedia has been rapidly increasing day-by-day, generating an alarming rate of pressure on today\'s data centers. In response, most of the enterprises are now increasingly embracing the blade servers a... Read more>>

Things You Must Reflect On Prior Shifting Your Mission-Critical Data to Co-Location Data Centers

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 20, 2014 06:41:29 pm

With the growing advancement in technology and ever-increasing competition in the market, it has become of paramount significance for the businesses to cherry-pick one of the best options between operating in-house data centers, leasing external serv... Read more>>

Tips to Ensure Data Security in Cloud Server

Posted by Neeti Patial on Mar 03, 2014 03:16:33 pm

More than 50% of business professionals use cloud computing in their home or work life. Though this advanced technology has various benefits like zero down time, scalability of resources and dynamic provisioning, etc. however, it also has certain sec... Read more>>

The Rise of Cloud Database (DBaaS) - Will it Radically Make a Headway in Technology By The End of 2014?

Posted by Neeti Patial on Feb 27, 2014 06:38:43 pm

Cloud computing has nowadays become a mainstream enterprise-class technology delivering agility and scalability that businesses need to forge ahead. To meet the ever-evolving IT requirements of businesses, cloud have recently introduced new genre of ... Read more>>

Why Do We Need a CloudOye Data Center?

Posted by rahul.bhaduri on Jan 29, 2014 12:35:43 pm

The data centers are increasing every day. The reasons behind this increasing demand of data center are; the qualm of executives, IT staff and finance departments who are unable to execute the capital resources essential for acquiring the infrastruct... Read more>>

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