In modern marketing, campaigns that can attract hordes of visitors are the most sought after tools. These marketing initiatives are designed to be executed by leveraging digital platforms such as exploring power of social media and so forth. It is obvious that very few campaigns succeed in generating the desired volume of visitors and similarly a large number of sites fail to gain considerable mileage because the websites fail to handle the sudden influx of traffic.
In spite of these issues, a significant proportion of businesses leverage viral campaigns to multiply their revenues due to their efficient hosting support.
Content Delivery Network

Performance of website is governed by the speed and efficiency of content delivery to desired audiences. This can be achieved with help of CDN services that are aimed at boosting content distribution. A data center with facility of CDN services is referred to as POP or Point of Presence. POPs are nothing but secondary servers at multiple locations that provide support to the main website server by delivering content to visitors in proximity.

If your main website server is located at India, then your CDN infrastructure can include CDN POPs in China, Singapore, Europe, and US for catering to your target audiences in those regions. These POP servers will store the content in the form of cache and distribute the same in response to requests by visitors. CDN POPs act as your local servers to eliminate latency effect thereby improving user experience.
Versatile Benefits Of CDN Solutions
Ability to deliver content locally can help in improving number of factors that will ultimately lead to rise in conversions in response to viral marketing initiatives such as flash sale. A powerful CDN resource involves load balancers that can improve site management during events of traffic spikes.
Apart from faster page loads, CDN solutions can significantly reduce bandwidth requirement as the content is distributed to visitors in close proximity with respect to POP locations. Since your prime time traffic is effectively managed, there is a remarkable improvement of user experience due to prompt page loading.

It is also observed that there is a considerable reduction in cyber attacks, if the website is supported by CDN services. Moreover, your online business applications can continue without any interruption even if there is a server crash because there is an entire array of POP servers to act as fall-back mechanism.

Necessity Of A CDN Resource

Content Delivery Network is an essential requisite for the following reasons-

Improved Load Speeds- It has been established through multiple studies that a whopping three out of four visitors may abandon your site if the pages take longer time to load. Actually a delay of few seconds is enough to lose a significant number of visitors. In view of this, CDN powered websites exhibit amazing speed of page loading and are able to engage more number of visitors than their competitors with no CDN support.
Higher Page Views- User experience, visitor engagement, consumer satisfaction, and conversion rates are only some of the parameters that define a website’s performance in terms of the commercial output. There has been a considerable reduction in patience levels of visitors, thanks to the advent of internet enabled smart devices. Higher page load speeds are directly proportional to conversion rates due to increased page views.
Greater Focus On Local Customers- Decentralization of site’s content is a vital highlight of Content Delivery Network. The data stored at local edge servers in the form of cached content is waiting to be distributed to requests from local visitors. This eliminates number of hops as POP servers transmit the content instantaneously. Users are able to gain prompt access to desired content instead of waiting for the download. Cloud CDN solutions are also known to improve optimization of server resources.

Versatile Support For Business Applications

If your website is expected to serve customers from remote regions, then a CDN solution can bring great improvement in the site performance with improved availability of data. One of the most important business sectors to be benefitted by the power of Content Delivery Network is e-commerce. Online merchants are able to easily manage sudden rise in number of visitors in addition to keep their online ventures always up and running with guarantee of near hundred-percent uptime.
Academic institutions that provide remote learning services are capable of offering their e-learning programs to students from faraway locations with help of CDN solutions. Educational content can be easily and instantly accessed from local CDN servers. Content Delivery Networks are essential for performance of media and advertising agencies because the demand for streamed content is exponentially growing across the globe.

In Conclusion

Proximity of the content is a key to enhance user experience for guaranteed conversions. CDN services help organizations to establish robust online presence in addition to gain optimum distribution of data by eliminating lagging effect.


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