Server-based SSD is a cache that enables persistent storage. Such SSD servers deployed on a cloud based model enable fast scratch disks to ease data access speeds. Performance storages can be placed in the server for reduced dormancy. So there is no need for data access on an external storage. 

The main benefit of Cloud server based SSD hosting is that one gets to leverage superior performance via direct-attached storages. Such drives are fundamentally NAND flash-based. So they prove to be useful in applications that involve frequent data access from a database. Database index is a critical example of this concept, even Relative Database Management Systems fall in this category. Both of them are best-use cases that aid in the reduction of data access latency by a very high degree. 

Server as well as storage vendors offer server-based SSD Cloud Servers.Most of these systems are built atop a redundant 10-Gbps network fabric.

It consists of features and benefits such as the following:

- The SSD storage caters to high I/O needs
- Many a times there is the provision of a 10-Gbps public as well as a private network
- It is well optimized for block storage functions
- Easy administration is enabled through a console access

Certified SSD Cloud Server hosting providers offer hourly, monthly and annual packages that are tailored to suit the business needs of your company. Such a pay-as-you-go option or utility-based-pricing-model proves to be cost-effective in the long run; you only pay for the resources that you use. Besides, the SLA is sometimes free of commitments; so you can cancel the service as and when needed. Prepaid monthly and annual plans can also be availed and they are accompanied by a plethora of cost-related advantages as well.

Thus, to reap the maximum benefits from a SSD based cloud computing strategy, contact a certified provider today.