More than 50% of business professionals use cloud computing in their home or work life. Though this advanced technology has various benefits like zero down time, scalability of resources and dynamic provisioning, etc. however, it also has certain security risks coupled with cloud backup. You are not alone to be hesitant in adopting cloud solutions. When it comes to security, the importance of control over your cloud infrastructure cannot be taken lightly.

So, let me take you through the points that help in attaining optimum security of your data in the cloud server:

-Tip 1: Know where your data is saved: How can you keep your data protected if you are not aware of its location? Certainly cloud solutions will keep your data safe, but being able to figure out a dedicated hardware for your saved data is a crucial requirement with cloud computing solutions.

-Tip 2: Always backup your data: Cloud backup is one of the most overlooked aspects for the businesses. Relying on cloud backup service is an easiest way to enhance the control of your crucial business data. With this, no matter whatever happens, a user will have a secure backup of the data stored in cloud server, which is all time accessible.

-Tip 3: Make sure your vendor takes data security seriously: You should try to know your vendor or service provider well as much as possible. Trusting someone with your data stored in cloud server is a big decision to make and you need your constant vigilance and close observation on it.

-Tip 4: Get references from other clients: When you have any doubt, then you can look forward to your cloud provider for client references that require stringent security measures. A client reference can give you a relevant and clear picture about your cloud hosting experience in future with your cloud service provider. While references do not guarantee anything for sure, however, chances are good that if other companies with similar security goals are using the services of that respective provider, then you might also choose to go with it as well.

-Tip 5: Do not assume anything: The only way to be assured of security of your crucial data in the cloud server is by validating its security mechanism. It is pertinent for highly data-sensitive organizations to hire a skilled professional to test their security provisions. Vulnerable exposure scanning and evaluation are equally important with the cloud server as they are outside the cloud environment.

So, in nutshell, in order to ensure adequate security in the cloud one needs to do a thorough research as homework. It is always advisable to go safe & confirm the security measures adopted by the cloud provider well in advance, rather than repent later for your data loss.