There are several instances of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) attacks on gaming sites and other business websites that depend on uninterrupted availability. It has been observed that DDoS attackers choose their targets depending upon the predictability of traffic spikes. It is therefore highly unlikely that blog sites would come under DDoS attack.


Relevance of Protection Against DDoS Attacks for Blog Sites

This does not mean that blog-site owners should continue to remain complacent by denying probability of a DDoS attack causing damage to their sites. It would be better to appreciate the gravity of DDoS attacks by understanding that implementation of such attack has become extremely easy due to technological advances, accessibility tools, and bandwidth.

This is supported by easy access to information about the ways to inflict such an attack. It would be appropriate to mention about the recent attacks on Sony and CIA website. DDoS attacks have been able to cripple even the bigwigs who must have taken necessary precautions to thwart such an attack.

Implementation of DDoS attack is executed by flooding several computers with help of bots that are programmed to incessantly send traffic to a website or to an IP address leading to crashing of servers or crippling of websites.

It is worth noting that standard security protocols that are designed to offer security to system against hacking or intrusion attempts are incapable of preventing such attacks. Same holds true in case of WordPress security plugins that are not competent enough to block DDoS attacks. There is no reason to panic since there are methods to protect website from an evil attack of DDoS.


Harnessing cloud security facilitator

It is heartening to note that several web security providers are delivering various solutions for protection against DDoS attacks such as DOSarrest and Prolexic. These providers have a proven track record of handling web security issues efficiently. There is more in store for those who want to address the security issue in a more profound manner.

Web security service providers such as Incapsula are not only offering robust DDoS protection at down to earth pricing and offering free use of their cloud hosting service as an icing on cake. Clients of many services are unable to offer decent insights about their activities, Incapsula empowers users with reliable monitoring of services and offers broader assortment of security solutions including protection from intentional and accidental site outages as well as malware attacks.

Users are also offered state of the art load balancing facility and failover, incessant uptime, and much more. The most striking attribute of Incapsula is availability of trackable and visual insights that offer information regarding site’s performance and health. Cloud based security solutions for web-protection are increasingly becoming popular due to their greater accessibility, availability and affordability.  

Domain Infrastructure Protection by Self Reliant Method

Using self reliant methods is strongly recommended provided you have enough expertise and a robust will to succeed. Many individuals are also prepared to get their hands dirty due to cost prohibitive nature of solutions that are available for DDoS protection.

One must remember that designing solution for DDoS protection can be risky because any single step that is wrong can cause great inconvenience. In addition to this there are many challenges in thwarting DDoS attacks.

The traffic that is sent to your site by DDoS attack is viewed as being legitimate according to set protocols of security. It is also a challenging task to distinguish between application level attack and volumetric attack.

DDoS Protection by Web Hosting Providers

It is observed that many web hosting service providers claim to have ability to offer seamless protection from DDoS attacks to clients’ web projects. There are reasons to believe that many web hosts have hardly any facilities for deflection of these potentially harmful attacks. The message is clear.

You must have an in-depth analysis of the capabilities of your web service provider in terms of precautions that are in place to avert DDoS attacks. It is essential to know that a downtime on account of inefficient handling of DDoS attack by host not only causes business loss but can also seriously harm your site’s search engine reputation due to black listing.

Try to gain full knowledge about the host’s SOP for dealing with the probability of DDoS attack. Remember, in order to achieve near total immunity from DDoS attack you have to be vigilant right from the stage of selecting the right hosting service provider.



According to a report from Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report, no organization is immune to a breach of data in this age and fortunately we have tools to combat cyber crime. It all depends on right selection of tools and the right way to use them at right places.

This underlines importance of keeping our guards up by preparing our defenses irrespective of the nature of our web presence. Blog site owners should opt for the right web hosting provider that has all the abilities of dealing with serious DDoS attacks.