Cloud computing has amicably revolutionized the way people customarily do their business. With the stronger dollar weighing on reported earnings, many companies have turned up to this leading-edge technology to garner huge profit on their investments. Organizations embarking on conventional hosting platform are rewriting all their applications to run in the cloud.

If reports are to be trusted, Ford Motor Co. is also gearing up for cloud-based systems to automatically update its car’s navigation system, audio system, contacts, and center touch screen.

IT behemoths in large are gearing up for private cloud and hybrid cloud to bring agility to their business. Demand for customization in concord with data security and compliance issues have made private cloud hosting a surefire option. It proffers lower latency and greater data sovereignty to the client’s and their users.  Research and Markets firm predicts that this influential faction of Cloud will grow at a CAGR of 22% over the period 2013-2018, which is a testament to its innate characteristics.

Companies adopting private cloud model uses virtualization technology, which helps in curtailing hardware infrastructure costs, and augments organization's resource utilization and productivity. However, with the private cloud it is immensely essential that all the locations (that are hosting the elements of the provision) are seamlessly connected with the expeditious, lowest-latency connections.

Ethernet WAN Accelerates Business Performance

As more and more companies are heading to migrate their workloads on an onsite-cloud model in order to proffer highly flexible and secured services to their end-users. To make this a reality, it is important to have lowest latency and grater bandwidth. Here, Ethernet plays a pivotal role in supplying economical bandwidth than other conventional technologies flooded in today’s marketplace.                                                                                                        

When compared to Ethernet, traditional Wide Ares Networks (WAN) were not so effective and at times are prone to sluggish speed as it comprises a host of packet structures and varying frame sizes. These packets are then required to be decoded entailing slow connectivity. An Ethernet WAN gives an edge to private cloud adopters, helping them to get best of their connection speed.

The other benefit of the later solution is it helps businesses to gauge their performance and monitor connection speed with utmost ease.

In a nutshell, Ethernet WAN technology can help your organization to garner more profit and elevate capabilities of private cloud services.