Neither delivering IT services nor serving the computing capabilities to clients over the Internet is a new concept. Rather, it has been there for decades. In the current landscape of business technology, it is being done lucidly, economically, efficiently, more securely, and even more sagaciously, with the help of cloud-based Software as a Service model. SaaS has gained enough traction these days, and indeed, for good reasons.

The market for SaaS is growing at an exponential rate, allowing businesses to move from industry-agnostic horizontal platforms to vertical specialization. Sensing the opportunities that SaaS can deliver, more and more companies are migrating to cloud-enabled platforms to ensure best-in-class end-user experience.

The key benefit of the Software as a Service model is its elasticity, and its potential, to open up new revenue streams without increasing the cost brackets.  Besides, it reduces the time to market your offerings and is based on pay-as-you-go model, which keeps businesses at bay from EOL issues.

Undeniably, these profitable factors are the reason behind its proliferating growth. But, what if you fail to capitalize these opportunities? As per the current market scenario, there is a plethora of SaaS companies, struggling to engage customer base. Here, the best way out is to employ influential online marketing strategies to engage more and more customers while retaining the existing ones.

Let’s Glean Through Some of the Pertinent Metrics to SaaS Organizations to Stay ahead in the Year 2016:

Create User-Engaging Content: You must agree that every business is different. How well you establish your brand will make a difference. Create engaging content that induces customers to buy your offerings. It has been observed that organizations nowadays are focusing on content marketing to push their business to the success brink. A number of good websites are there that give insight of informative content and help businesses to reach their customer base by creating effective contents and social media activities. Different content forms can be utilized to achieve the desired goal, such as by creating informative blogs, using a provocative video that encourages discussing, or by featuring quizzes.

Refer a Friend Program: A survey performed by Nielson which included 28, 000 Internet-based respondents from 56 countries states that 92 percent of consumers across the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, over all other forms of advertising. 

It is not possible every time to promote your business through world-of-mouth. However, this strategy remains on the top. The best way is to introduce referral programs that can bring in more customers. That is what Go4Hosting and many other leading service providers including Make My Trip, Snapdeal, Goibibo, BookMyShow are doing. It gives extra benefits for every friend you bring on board. This, in turn, has enabled these providers to multiply their client base in leaps and bounds.

Segment Your Audiences: One size fits all approach is not at all feasible in today’s digital era, wherein hundreds of options are available for the same product or service. Be specific and be clear in your approach. It is recommended to segment your goals into different profiles and campaigns.

Let’s say, if you are targeting customer service, then create an exclusive page for the same domain, and if you are targeting developers, ensure it should be completely focused on that. Segmenting your customer base will allow you to track the response you are getting from each segment, their priorities, and preferences. Initially, your team may feel over pressurized, but it would bring enduring results. Thereafter, opt for some high-quality ad services that focus on bringing potential leads.

Multiple Strategies: At present, a lot of options are available to market your offerings – right from the search engine optimization to paid advertising and internal marketing to content marketing. It is a sage decision to select those that best suit your intended end-users. But, trying all of them once will not be a bad idea at all. On top of that, participate in a forum discussion, as this will help you to answer your users’ queries and resolve their problems, and eventually will give you an idea about your next course of action.

Offer Free Demo Version:This is being practiced by many businesses. By offering free demo edition of a particular software, you can create a lot of buzz and influx of new users. If your trial edition works perfectly, then they would not hesitate to upgrade to full edition. And, trust me this works.

Showcasing the best USPs of your software by adopting superior marketing campaign is a great way to connect your audience with your value proposition.

Adopting marketing strategies backed by a focused approach not only will help you to achieve the desired ROI, but also it will allow you to eliminate challenges affiliated to SaaS marketing. Besides, it will allow you to improve customer acquisition rate and position you for greater sales, customer retention, and improve throughput.

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