Importance of a trustworthy, secure, and high performance data center for business continuity of an organization has been discussed and underlined in a multitude of articles and forums. However, choice of a particular hosting provider ant type of hosting largely depends on multiple factors including budget and bandwidth considerations among others.

According to number of estimates, shared hosting is the most frequently sought after type of standard hosting be new enterprises that have reduced resource needs owing to low traffic volumes and nascent IT requirements. It is observed that many enterprises may feel the need to shift to enterprise hosting over the course of time. The major reason for this can be rise in traffic volumes, business expansion, or need to acquire greater capabilities of customer service, security measures, and so forth.

Enterprise hosting empowers organizations with support of highly efficient and cloud based hosting infrastructure facility.


Resource Restrictions in Shared Hosting

The major attributes of shared hosting that encourage majority of business to prefer this type of hosting are economy of multi tenant environment and hands-off IT management. Shared hosting enables hundreds of websites access resources of a single server. Most of the businesses choose shared hosting because of economy and freedom from server management to launch their maiden ecommerce ventures.

Sharing of vital resources such as CPU, disk space, and security, can lead to bottlenecks if one or more websites consume excess resources. This underlines the need for an enterprise hosting that offers immunity against such events that could potentially impact availability due to downtimes and slow page loads.

It is found that in a shared hosting environment, all websites are able to operate with available resources including CPU times in normal circumstances. In high traffic situations that significantly elevate data storage and data transfer needs of websites, shared hosting miserably fails to support websites with additional power and bandwidth.

Lack of Customizability

The shared hosting arrangement is designed to cater to a large assortment of websites from different categories. This makes it virtually impossible to implement any type of customization such as adding applications or modules for supporting your online business. The server is built to support the most fundamental needs of websites. Therefore, shared hosting can turn out to be a burden rather than a resource if you need to customize your hosting.

Features of Enterprise Hosting

The important features of enterprise hosting that differentiate it from shared hosting are availability of dedicated and round the clock technical support that spans entire gamut of software and hardware in addition to the server management. There is no resource sharing by other websites because the entire server along with its resources is assigned to a single account.

Cost Efficiency

Enterprise hosting offers freedom from costly purchases of hardware or servers, thereby reducing a significant financial burden. Hosting service providers look after monitoring and maintenance of enterprise servers to help organizations save on employee salaries and other overheads.

The utility based payment model of enterprise hosting allows businesses to pay only for the resources that are being consumed. Customers of enterprise hosting only pay for applications that are necessary. Optimum use of resources in enterprise hosting leads to considerable reduction in hosting costs.

Scalable and Customizable

Businesses are able to implement customization due to absence of resource sharing with other websites. It is possible to build highly scalable infrastructure that can meet unique hosting requirements by implementation of individual security policies, firewalls and installation of desired applications.


Shared hosting is an ideal solution to meet limited hosting needs of new websites and small enterprises. However, if the website is experiencing frequent traffic spikes and there is need to implement customization and security in view of business growth, it is advisable to adopt enterprise hosting.