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Lazarus is a cross-platform Delphi compatible IDE (integrated development environment) for Rapid Application Deployment. It comes with several components that makes it easier and simpler for the graphical form designers to create and develop multifaceted and complex graphical user interfaces.

Features of Lazarus:

Users can create their own applications under any license but must make it available for others to use.

Lazarus is a GPL licensed cross platform IDE that allows the users to simply copy and compile their projects to another platform. It is compatible to Windows, MacOS, Linux and other platforms.

The software comes with an easy to use drag and drop form designer that enables creating powerful layouts.

It allows automatic synchronization between GUI-Forms and code and comes with a robust code editor that allows syntax highlighting and code completion.

Lazarus uses the Free Pascal as its language dialect. It is constantly developed and integrates new features constantly that are available in all the modern programming languages.

Being open source, it allows the users to add or modify existing codes and components to suit their requirements.

The package system allows the users to install 3rd party add-on's and extend the IDE.

The list of developers maintains the Lazarus libraries and packages(LPKs) which gives the users choice of umpteen libraries to find their requirements.

Lazarus was created and developed in the year 1999 by three people named Cliff Baeseman, Shane Miller and Michael A. Hess. It gets its name after the biblical figure that was raised from the death of Christ. The project was so named since the three founders had in vain tried to build a Delphi clone with Megido. The latter Megido project was dissolved and the three develops decided to develop a project on their own and the Lazarus project has been well supported by a number of contributors.

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