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Linux Virtualization

A physical server, that is run on the Linux operating system, is split into two or more virtual servers and all the computing resources such as network, memory, storage is shared among the virtual servers, it is called linux virtualization.
Linux is an open source operating system that is widely used in the web hosting industry. It is freely distributed and does not require any license to be purchased. Virtualizations allows new servers to be created as and when needed and discarded whenever the usage is over.
Each virtual machine runs its own copy of the Linux operating system and functions like a physical server. They are independent with their own set of dedicated resources and the performance is not disturbed by one another’s actions.
Although a physical server ensures better reliability in performance and security, there are certain aspects like deployment, costs, effort etc which can become a hindrance. Linux virtualization enables adding and reducing of services with a couple of clicks without much human involvement. Building and launching new physical infrastructure is time-consuming which can create serious disturbances to a business.
Typically, in the traditional environment, all the processes of operation are controlled by the x86 architecture. There are four clearly-defined privilege layers and the first layer is accessible to only the host operating system. To run virtual servers, a virtual machine manager more popularly called hypervisor is used. The hypervisor redirects all the resource requests to the virtual machines.
KVM (Kernel virtual machine) is the component for linux on the x86 hardware. With the KVM, one can run several virtual servers each of which has its private virtual hardware, graphics adapter, network card etc.

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