Your commercial website load time speed and performance is directly proportional to your visitor satisfaction and conversation rates. And, integration of SSD along with dedicated server can help them in achieving the desired performance boost for IO restricted systems.

Undoubtedly, deployment of dedicated server proves to be very beneficial in case you are running an ecommerce website. It enables you to diligently manage huge volume of traffic. The rising popularity of website increases the need for more resources, power and flexibility. In such scenarios, dedicated server deployment is the optimal solution. At present numerous of web-hosting providers offer you with next generation dedicated servers with SSD. 

There are numerous ways to use SSDs in tandem with servers. The most apparent way is to install the SSD into the server as primary storage. Another way that you can make most of the SSD is by using it as a cache tier. In SSD caching, most often accessed data is automatically copied to the SSD. 

Before moving further it better to understand what exactly SSD is and what all benefits you as user can harness. 

What Exactly SSD means?    

Solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies (as a memory) to store entire web data. It is quite different from the standard hard disk drives and doesn’t have any moving mechanical elements at all. SSD technology basically makes use of electronic interfaces that are completely congruent with typical block input or output HDDs.

It has been considered to be best for content-rich websites for ultimate performance and unmatched accessibility. Besides, these are even ideal for web applications (specifically the ones with high accessibility), transaction logs, regularly accessed tables, synchronized database access, gaming applications, video and audio streaming.

This technology is definitely becoming popular because it offers speedy disk access time that a traditional hard drive fails to offer. And, by deploying dedicated servers in conjunction with SSD, your commercial website will never suffer from unexpected downtime.

Here are the key benefits of SSD that you can consider:

- Faster access times and lower latency
- Less physical space required
- No need to move components
- Lower power requirements. 

Hence, reap the benefits of convergence of dedicated server and SSD and experience superior website performance.