If you are reading this article it means you know to operate a computer and use internet. You must have often come across the term’ IP Address’. Unless you are a techie well-versed with computer lingos and jargons, chances are you may not have more than a shadowy notion of what exactly is the purpose of an IP address and what specific objective does it actually achieve.  An IP address is the fascinating product of modern computer technology, a method of protocol through which machines connect with each other on the internet.  IP stands for ‘Internet Protocol’ and each computer connected via Internet has its own unique IP address through which it is identified.

Data sent or received on Internet are initially divided into small chunks called packets. Each of these packets have both the address of the sender as well as that of the receiver.  Any packet gets transferred to a gateway computer who after deciphering the address forwards it to another getaway computer.  This process of deciphering the destination address continues till the message reaches a stage where one gateway recognises the package is intended for a computer nearest to its location (domain) and then delivers it to the specified address.  Messages, travelling as packets, can be sent from a different route across the internet and arrive at the destination in no particular order. It is the job of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to put them back in right order. The IP’s job is only to deliver the message to its intended address.

IP address as such plays an important identifying role uniquely identifying the location of the machine connected to the net. A dedicated Internet Protocol as the name suggests is reserved exclusively for a single hosting account.

Working of an IP Address and Its Benefits

IP address as mentioned above is the address of your machine in the virtual world.  However, if you are on a shared hosting account it means you are sharing your address with different other people. It is akin to living in a hostel with four beds and all your roommates despite belonging from different locations have to share the same address. Likewise all the machines being hosted on shared hosting account have the same IP address.

Shared hosting is cheap and most ideal hosting option for blogging websites or websites with limited online traffic. However, as mentioned above, you have to share the same IP address with hundreds of other sides. This could be a scary scenario fraught with risks under certain circumstances. For example, if other websites are caught carrying out some mischievous activities, you will be penalised as well because you have the same address as them.

You will not face the same problem if you have your own dedicated IP address as you are solely be responsible for your own activities. Few important reasons you need to have a dedicated IP address if you wish to have a successful website are as following:

You can maintain you business site security and inspire confidence in it with a SSL certificate like a Comodo PositiveSSL.

Your site’s performance will not be impacted by extra resource consumption by other websites. You have your own resources and manage traffic fluctuations pretty efficiently.

An IP address consists of four numbers, each separated by a dot and containing anywhere between one to four numbers. An example could be With your unique IP address you can view your site via IP address. For example, you just need to type the numbers to access your site.

Benefits and Advantages of Having Your Own Dedicated IP Address

Higher Levels of Stability

Multiple websites sharing the same IP address can lead to problems of downtime, slow loading, and weakened security and of course collective culpability. A dedicated IP address on the other hand makes you master of your own destiny. You can do whatever you wish to do without bothering about other website’s activities.

More Reputable Email Communication

Email is arguably the most important tool of modern communication. Now what happens if owing to having a shared IP you are penalised for activities like spamming. This will affect both your credibility and business. A dedicated IP on the other hand ensures that your email communication remains isolated from actions and activities of other users.

Enhances Your Business Credibility

It is important that you have an SSL certificate if you wish to open an online store. These way customers can buy from your site with confidence and assurance of safe and secure transactions. Of course it goes without saying that you will only have an SSL certificate in most cases if you have your own dedicated IP address. Even if you have SSL certificates on shared IP address, it may be incompatible with older version of some browsers. It could be an extremely frustrating experience for visitors to your site as they will frequently encounter messages of unsecured connection.