The modern hosting landscape provides a plethora of options by empowering websites with enterprise grade servers and a large spectrum of plans. You will come across a fascinating variety of alternatives that not only support your website’s unique hosting needs but also improve performance to boost business prospects.
Relevance of Choosing a Dedicated Hosting Solution

Although, there are multiple varieties of server solutions for supporting web hosting activities, it is advisable to find a right solution by reviewing actual needs of web application. Matching needs of website with features and specifications of web hosting plan is a vital step towards ensuring outstanding performance of business website.

Small businesses are found to be content with limited resources of shared hosting since there is limited number of concurrent visitors and also the website is not loaded with complex applications. However, mission critical websites that need to handle sensitive information need more than an ordinary web hosting support.
In contrast, large ecommerce websites are required to handle thousands of concurrent visitors, thereby necessitating a highly scalable and efficient web hosting support. All such websites must be supported with nothing less than a dedicated server. However, unless you have selected a right operating system, your dedicated server is lifeless.
Since dedicated servers are designed to deliver entire compute resources to a single client, these are highly sought after for greater resources and remarkable scalability.
Operating a dedicated server within an organization’s own IT infrastructure can be an overwhelmingly costly affair in terms of hiring of expert manpower and other vital support systems including power, bandwidth, space, and security. Your website or business applications will be performing in a single tenant environment for seamless access to resources with total privacy.

When it comes to choosing an operating system, Linux OS offers a perfect support to your business critical dedicated server.
Linux Servers

In terms of technological excellence and performance, Linux dedicated server is the most premium resource, which is used by hundreds of websites that are performing at the fastest speeds. Linux dedicated hosting is also a major force behind portals of large ecommerce stores.
Majority of established hosting services offer dedicated servers that can be run by either Windows or Linux operating systems. Although a Windows OS is backed by popularity due to familiarity with Windows environment, many users prefer Linux operating systems for obvious economy benefits of the open source distribution.

Factors That Boost Server Performance
Hardware of the server forms the most vital part of the entire server system. You should never settle for anything less than enterprise grade hardware for your dedicated server. This applies to the HDDs and other vital components. Your dedicated server is sure to deliver a hassle free performance if it is built by using branded hardware.

Second and probably the most critical factor that can make or break your website that is backed by a dedicated server is the quality of web hosting service provider. You must invest time in researching various vendors by comparing their credentials such as performance, experience, and reliability.

Assurance of untiring service and round the clock technical support is an important feature to look for while choosing a web host for dedicated server hosting. The proposed host should provide SLA backed guarantee of seamless network uptime for consistent performance of your online applications.

Any business website must be able to exhibit unremitting consistency without any downtime for guaranteed monetization. Modern data center infrastructures are able to deliver as high as 99.95 percent network uptime for boosting consistency and inherent efficiency of your Linux dedicated server.
Dependable Performance of Network
No dedicated server is able to deliver its optimum performance if the network connectivity is not up to the mark. Redundancy of network service providers assures a flawless connectivity. One should check various measures adopted by the host including a network routing facility and use of multiple telecom providers.
Agile and Easy

Decision to adopt a superior hosting solution is backed by necessity for a more accommodative environment to facilitate business growth. The server hosting plans need to be designed to boost business growth by providing a rich and scalable environment.
Scalability is assured if the server is designed to increase or reduce disk space and other features. If you are planning a shift to Linux dedicated server, then it would be advisable to understand specifications that provide sufficient room for expansion. Similarly, the provider must have capability to upgrade storage in response to growth of the business.
In Conclusion

The principal objective of dedicated server adoption for web hosting is to gain unrestricted disk space, greater performance, and uncompromised security. If you are able to find the right host that promises all these attributes in addition to a guaranteed technical support, then you are on the right track to command outstanding web presence of your online venture.


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