The biggest confusion that people go through while choosing a hosting service is the choice of control panel for the web hosting. But for years, Plesk has been simplifying this choice for everyone. For this Plesk hosting is there with Plesk as its dedicated control panel.

You might be wondering that how did Plesk hosting got famous in this line of business hosting. It is no surprise as it holds some amazing features of its own and thousands of virtual hosts that have been managed are the witnesses. Even the most basic Plesk hosting plan is capable of handling big tasks and run super-fast websites. This is why it has been giving the toughest competition to the next leading control panel i.e. cPanel.

The best part is that the Plesk control panel is an add on with cheap dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting plans. This means that you need not to pay anything extra for additional services of Plesk.

Why choose Plesk hosting over other control panels?

Running a blog or business website? Plesk hosting is an ideal solution for all kinds of concerns by making the best use of the advantages of Plesk hosting. There are not one or two but multiple reasons to prove this. When it comes to choosing the control panel then the top 2 names that come up in our minds are cPanel and Plesk.

Let’s go through the reasons why to opt for Plesk as your control panel-

a. Simplified website management applications-

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to manage the website along with all its features. Here comes Plesk hosting that takes care of your website from head to toe. It is loaded with such features that can manage Vietsn your website like none of other control panels. Starting with the routine tasks like setting up the mailbox, creating FTP accounts, adding domains etc. to complicated ones like managing auto responders and creation of MySQL are all managed by the Plesk hosting platform.  

b. Easy to contemplate interface-

Unlike other control panel, Plesk allows you to perform all the administrative tasks within the count of few clicks. It is even more beneficial for the entrepreneurs starting new in the market and are generally the ones who face problems like installing a CMS on their website. For CMS like WordPress, Plesk has pre-installed toolkit for it. and Thus implementing its themes and plugins becomes even easier and removing those add-ons that are unnecessary for the user. Not to worry, you can remove the add-ons on your own and keep the ones which are of actual use to you by searching them from its integrated search box. The interface is so user-friendly that it allows you to form such accounts that allows you to create accounts with limited access to features and specifications.

c. World-class security-

Security is something that is the top-most priority of the Plesk platform. It has the world-class powerful protection system that guards your server 24*7. For this they have dedicated software to deal with the spamming and unauthentic IP addresses that is a pathway to malicious users and other kinds of server attacks. But the surprising part is yet to be revealed. One can even customize their own set of rules for the firewall which is powered by ModSecurity. All the URLs of the Plesk is authenticated with HTTPs prefix. A warning message is always displayed before redirecting you to any site.

d. Multiple languages with site builder-

The Plesk control panel is known to support multiple languages. These languages include English, Spanish, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Japanese and German. Plesk is also a preferred control panel as it comes with complementary website builder. It’s untroublesome drag and drop functions makes the process of website building even more exciting and smooth. The presence of more than 100 templates can be overwhelming for you at times. But this is the beauty of Plesk hosting.

e. Complementary automated features

Plesk control panel stands apart by providing some of the automated features. These features are such as auto-updater, auto-update mechanism, etc. It keeps on updating the control panel skin for you to keep your working space spruced up from time to time. But if you are not a fan of their automated skins then you can design one for yourself as well. 

f. Not OS specific- 

The best part about Plesk as a control panel that it is not OS specific like some of the other control panels. This means that it works with the same efficiency for both the Linux or Windows OS. Plesk has proved itself suitable for even all the versions of Linux and Windows. Some webmasters are known to run multiple websites. Such owners feel difficulty to find the appropriate control panel, but Plesk is a good option for such owners. 

g. Remote monitoring- 

There are none of the control panels other than Plesk that allows remote monitoring. Now, what is remote monitoring? So there are times when you might not be available at the server centers. But you want to be keep updated about all the operations when they started and how are they are going. So Plesk allows you to control our server operations from mobile locations. It eases you out by keeping you aware of the slightest of the issue and time to fix it before it gets worse.  

What’s so special about CloudOYE Plesk dedicated hosting?

A control panel like Plesk deserves to be maintained within a dedicated server. Features of a dedicated server appreciate the overall value of the Plesk control panel. So Plesk dedicated servers are known to allow seamless flexibility with the type of software, OS, etc. which are not allowed with VPS hosting. Here are some advantages that are exclusive with CloudOYE Plesk dedicated server hosting-

  1. Multifold times more Plesk extensions are something that is assured by a CloudOYE Plesk dedicated server. This makes it furthermore customizable and thus suitable for multiple plugins.
  2. Additional WordPress toolkit to manage your Plesk server. You just need to select the plugin of your choice and configure your server with the expertise of WordPress by your side.
  3. CloudOYE steals everyone’s hearts through their Plesk Migrator. With the help of this plugin, one can migrate web content very easily.
  4. Wondering how to make your website work faster and rank at the same time? For this CloudOYE has come up with a Google PageSpeed plugin. This helps your website to improve its loading speed that will eventually result in making it rank better in the search results.
  5. CloudOYE dedicated Plesk hosting never compromises on the security factor. The security plugins keep your server protected from DDoS attacks and other similar security threats. 

So when it comes to website management, Plesk control panel or Plesk hosting is a sure shot winner. The ones starting very new and fresh in the market will find them blessed with Plesk hosting. Once they get all familiar with the interface and the working space of the Plesk plugins and templates then there is no looking back. Whether it is about user experience or flexibility Plesk can be your all-time preference.

Apart from experiencing all these exceptional features of Plesk hosting, CloudOYE go that extra mile and ensures improvement in your website’s performance. We have designed each of the services accordingly and trained our support so that you get world-class assistance. So try and grab such an opportunity and gift your website the edge it needs to scale up in the competition. 

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