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Ubuntu Virtual Private Server is a Debian based Linux operating system. It is freely-distributed and open source software and is named after the African philosophy of Ubuntu. It was published by Canonical Ltd. and it can loosely be translated as “humanity to others” or “I am what I am because of who we all are” The first release of Ubuntu was in October 2004 and since then after every six months Ubuntu releases updated versions with more features and each version receives free support for nine months.

Ubuntu based VPS brings technical scalability and economic feasibility to any data center. Ubuntu server always gives the best scale-out performance.

As Ubuntu is a Linux-based open source operating system, Ubuntu-based VPS has many advantages in terms of cost effectiveness, flexibility, reliability, performance and much more.

Ubuntu VPS Provides Affordable Solution

As Ubuntu is open source software, it does not require any licensing fee and can be downloaded free for use. So one can easily save on software licensing fees and get a better product.

Ubuntu VPS Provides Better Performance

Ubuntu VPS is better and faster than a Windows-based VPS, supports high loads and handles multiple processes at the same time. It will not degrade over time, stay as fast as it was during initial setup i.e. keep giving better performance than Windows-based VPS.

Provides Maximum Security

In Windows, administrative access is assigned to the user by default. This means he can access everything on the system while on the other hand, Ubuntu based VPS user does not give administrative rights by default, so that no intruder can harm the system files.

Provides Stability and Reliability

Ubuntu VPS is more stable and reliable. It can run for a number of years without even a reboot. It gives 100% up-time and is highly configured and optimized, making Ubuntu VPS more reliable.

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