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X2CRM is also known as X2Engine. It was founded by John Roberts in (Santa Cruz) California in 2011. X2CRM is a web application for marketing sales, customer relationship, management application and other custom applications. It is an open source application issued under LGPL Database license, PHP license, Apache license and Affero General Public license.

X2CRM has an Easy Flow Work Engine and Process Management Framework. It Comprises of Two Software Components

1- X2Flow which is a visual workflow automation engine and the other is
2- X2Process which is a process management system

X2CRM is easily extendable, manages your clients and can be customized according to your need. It boosts productivity like no other because of its powerful application. Some of the important features of X2CRM are:

1- An open source program which is freely available to be installed
2- It includes a tracking system for all lead interactors
3- It has a social activity stream
4- Saas CRM which is a marketing automation software solution
5- The task management dashboard pops the upcoming deadlines
6- It takes contact data from forms and landing pages
7- Cost effective and very easy to use

X2CRM is suitable for a company that wants a strictly focused and detailed customer information system. It can be deployed on both multi tenant cloud and personal serve. X2CRM can be fully customized to meet the customer’s specific needs of web service connectors, data requirements and customer management.

X2CRM is for individuals and small businesses X2CRM can be used in various sectors such as automation, manufacturing, retail and wholesale, healthcare, hospitality and various others. It has over 23000 users in over 160 countries. It is a powerful, modern, easy to use open source CRM which is widely used across the globe.

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