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Xinco DMS

Xinco DMS is a powerful, open source, web-based information and document management system that helps a user easily manage files, text, contacts, etc.

While originally developed by Alexander Manes in Germany,it is today being led by Javier Ortiz.

It is considered a great example of second-generation open source document management system software products.

Some of Its Features are:

It gives the user the ability to create access control lists at both user and group levels.
It offers the xinco Publisher tool that enables easy and fast accessing of public data.
It has direct file preview and editing features.
It allows full text imaging and searching for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, etc.
It has an advanced version control that facilitates checking in and out of documents and changing or modifying any previous versions.
It allows data commenting and discussions
It has a fast and reliable MySQL/PostgreSQL backend

A benefit is xinco DMS is CFR part 11 and FDA 21 compliant, which means it can be used by medical components and devices manufacturers, biotech enterprises, biologics developers, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

With xinco DMS, there are not many features in the form of security or privacy. Some other limitations are that since its features pale against those offered by closed-source software providers, it is not a good choice for complex or high-volume document management environments. Also, there is no in-house technical support available. In case of any issue, the user will have to depend on online forums or third-party vendors for assistance and support. It is not compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, and SEC, and so it is not a great fit for accounting, education, finance, or healthcare projects.

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