Disaster Recovery as a Service, termed as helps in offering best safety and security for your prestigious organization. It saves you from any malware attacks by offering a much higher, resilient server option for business maintenance. CloudOYE disaster as a service, works for enhanced network management, better usage system and an increased recovery process for business growth.

With our managed system network failures, you can easily face any system failures for your existing businesses. CloudOYE operates with the purpose of managing and handling all your business features on regular basis. You just simply, require to take managed and critical steps for handling businesses. We offer optimum management and system operations to high end, critical, risk factors on regular basis. With CloudOYE operations you can handle, better mitigation and service distribution, across the managed and connected operations.

“DRaaS” simply replicates your existing system design and infrastructure with the sides of the business processes so as to have maximum disaster recovery features across the infrastructural style. We have maximum output and backup surrounding operations on regular basis. With CloudOYE users can have an easier business operation service on a continued business service.

All the Data is Quite Insured with CloudOYE Disaster Recovery as a Service Feature!

As DRaaS, could be a managed with comprehensive services that not only utilizes the cloud platform with an on premise resource management system but manages, a careful back-up feature on regular basis. It’s very important that system applications offer the most secured and safe features against the system failovers of set-up functions.

DRaaS can simply replicate and manage your business functions with no hassles. For having the best managed events to regulate the system disruption by offering you careful backup features on the system. Simply, with the business surroundings being revamped, DRaaS offers you maximum protection against any system failures.

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In case of any conversion of the system services across the original servers, the managed services are quite safe, secured and guarded against any future issues.

DRaaS management offers the best business clients and connected suppliers which permits higher flexibility and system measurability for the business operation. CloudOYE DRaaS has well documented service-level agreement (SLA) with the third-party vendors for offering the managed system for cloud computing surroundings. With Drass, we have either the assistance of a contract or on the pay-per-use basis.


DRaaS are often operated quite simply for the little and medium-sized businesses that should be lacking the mandatory business experience to provision or check any disaster recovery arrangement. CloudOYE DRaaS has highest trust features for its service suppliers for implementation of any business plans for the disaster as a recovery feature. We facilitate better management across the businesses. Plus, any drawbacks that embrace outcome of the business problems are already operational across the business applications. All the potential migration issues, problems, applications for the users on the data center premises and operations are managed well. CloudOYE Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is the best feature for development of your business arrangement for achieving the full time accessibility and system maintenance of client’s data.

Have Secured, Controlled Business Operations for Optimum Business Output!

The Disaster Recovery as a service is the most accessible feature for the business user. DRAS, offers superior and faster recovery features for any business system. Disaster Recovery as a service, handles all the computer code and hardware complexness well in time.

With CloudOYE reduced Hardware Costs, we manage all the cloud functions and computer code management applications well.  The management of complicated hardware steps are carried with the Disaster Recovery as a service system, in order to put your business on right track. CloudOYE is often brought back to operating position with no hassles.

CloudOYE smooth operations of business applications with the Disaster Recovery as a service, manages the Cloud platforms well. With us users can simply manage the business applications, bring them back to operations with abundant less hardware complexness and coaching value concerned.

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With our secured DRaaS answers having optimum physical appliances on the server rooms for the operations of the virtual applications around virtual surroundings. We facilitate reduced hardware prices and lower direct costs, with the assistance of cloud platform operations. Our codes are fully managed with the data requirements. Additionally, the costly storage system are maximized with data storage features across the set-up system. CloudOYE handles and manages the functions well with client friendly features.