Hybrid cloud has emerged as the best fit for businesses that provides the benefits of private cloud at a comparatively low cost. The businesses gain an easy access to numerous platforms that are highly effective in meeting the future business needs.

Hybrid cloud is viewed as a transformative operating model that is acting as a real game changer for businesses.

Hybrid cloud hosting offers a comprehensive approach where public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers are combined together to operate as a single platform in order to maximize business efficiency and performance.

The hybrid cloud ensures on demand flexibility, reduction in the overall expenditures, and enhanced alignment of the IT resources in sync to the business objectives. It facilitates businesses to leverage from the right kind of cloud platform and ensure agility with enhanced data security.

According to an industry connoisseur it is believed that around 35% of the companies will make a move to Hybrid cloud hosting platform by 2015 to leverage the benefits of both public and private clouds.

The benefits of hybrid cloud solutions can be enumerated as follows:

Increased business agility: Hybrid cloud provides improved agility to the businesses to make a shift between the two cloud platforms - public and private cloud for enhanced business performance. In fact, hybrid cloud environment has developed as an innovative, robust and economical platform for providing effective IT services in comparison to the traditional on-premise model.

Cost Savings: Hybrid cloud platform ensures substantial OPEX and CAPEX savings to the businesses. Scalability is one of the biggest benefits with hybrid cloud that allows businesses to distribute resources to the immediate projects at a comparatively reduced cost unlike local IT infrastructure.

Best of both public and private cloud: Hybrid cloud helps businesses to gain from the best of both the worlds- private and public cloud. It allows them to avail the cost effective public cloud platform for non-critical operations and leverage private cloud for critical and sensitive business requirements. A perfect blend of public and private cloud enables flexibility in IT environment.

In nutshell, Hybrid cloud provides the advantages of cost effectiveness and economies of scale possible with public cloud, whilst also offering the features of data security and control confirmed by private cloud platform.