Cloud Computing is fairly new in the Indian context, and businesses in India are adjusting to the benefits offered by cloud hosting. They are acknowledging the benefits of using Cloud Computing for the app development and hosting purposes. There have been concerns about Cloud Computing as well. Businesses looking for cloud hosting services usually get to choose from three types of services. First is the public cloud, then the private cloud, and third, and the latest is hybrid cloud model. This type of Cloud Service is perfect for businesses that want to use the best of public and private cloud.  

Why Hybrid Cloud

Essentially, it is a middle ground between cost effectiveness and the need for privacy and security that businesses often feel are lacking in a public cloud system.  What this does is that it allows businesses to pick and choose the type of data they want to store on a particular type of cloud platform. Businesses may use private cloud for storing sensitive data, and public cloud hosting for storing less sensitive data, also cutting down costs. Hybrid Cloud services make data accessible when you need it, and away from virtual public systems where many businesses might feel a fear of intrusion. 

Improved Accessibility

That is not to say that public cloud services are unreliable or unsafe. Cloud service providers, with good reputation, will do the best to secure system against threats. This would include firewalls and other types of security arrangements such as encryption of data. Hybrid model is also suitable for businesses that need the data accessible at any time. 
Scalable, Cost Effective Plans

Businesses that have relied on public clouds for cost efficiency, but worried about the security of sensitive data, would welcome the use of hybrid cloud hosting.  Again, there is need for a reminder that public cloud hosting may not necessarily be risky, when you have the best Hybrid cloud hosting provider India. Public cloud hosting has been favorably looked upon because of its ability to gay people scale as required, without additional cost. However, because businesses are wary of putting all the data on a public cloud server, hybrid model offers the best option.   Additional features to look at when choosing a cloud hosting plan would be budget, scalability, efficiency, and redundancy. Redundancy ensures that your business does not get disrupted even if there is a malfunction of the system. 

Choosing the Best Service Provider

You would want to consider reputation of the service provider. A Hybrid cloud hosting provider India with long list of happy clients, and expertise in providing virtual infrastructure to businesses, would be your best bet. The service provider also offers technical assistance at all hours and this is an important step considering that your business needs to be online at all hours, or you would require maintenance, upgrades, and checks for the system at any time of the day or night.