Well-maintained , well-managed and smooth IT infrastructure which keeps IT operations of your firm running without any hassles and glitches is,  and should be, an integral part of your overall business strategy. Servers and other networking equipment which keep your website as well as your business operations going should be your top most priority.  However, managing and managing your own data centre is a task fraught with risks and extra capital expenditure. The space you need to keep your server, power backup, cooling facilities, IT team, data storage devices, etc. require huge capital expenditure. Also, any unforeseen calamity or disaster can damage your data centre and destroy your business critical data.

What if on the other hand would you think, you are offered a safe and secure place where you can store and run your server without making a hole in your pocket, get access to premium bandwidth facility, highest level of security and reliability among other things. This may sound a bit hard to digest but the fact of the matter is that these are exactly the services you can expect from a well-known and established colocation server hosting services providers.

Also, small firms lack the space , resources or technical expertise to build, manage and run their own data centres to safely keep their servers and related hardware equipment. Larger organizations may have the requisite resources and expertise but may not be too willing to invest in their own data centres.

Server colocation, also known as colo refers to the practise of placing your servers and other hardware equipment in the data centres of third party service providers.  In other words it is relocation of your server from your office promises to that of a well-maintained and secure data centre maintained and managed by firms specialising in such type of services. Colocation provides businesses, who have their own server and related hardware, a safe and secure space to place their hardware and access it through internet.

Some of the important benefits of colocation and hiring the services of a well-known and accomplished colocation hosting services providers are as following:

Strong and Robust Security

You do not want under any circumstances your business sensitive data to fall into wrong hands. Colocation offers your business enterprise-grade security of the highest order. A robust security enabled data centre ensures that your mission critical equipment remain safe and away from any unauthorized access or tampering. Many well-known data centre services firm are known to employ six to seven zone security mechanisms to eliminate any kind of risk or threat that may disturb the smooth flow of your IT and business operations. Reputable data centres have well-trained security guards at all entrances and exits, multiple levels of biometric access controls, limited accessibility for visitors, sophisticated CCTVs, etc.

Uninterrupted Business Continuity

Modern organizations operating in a highly competitive and volatile business operation can run the risk of any interruption in their business operations. A slow loading or unresponsive website can lead to serious loss of credibility and sales. Quality service providers ensure hassle free business continuity and maximum website performance by offering enhanced redundancy to ensure servers and applications remain available in case of unanticipated trouble. Colocation also gives clients the capabilities to host their servers and related equipment in more or less a disaster proof zone. This is unlikely to be the scenario in case of a managed dedicated facility in your own office premises as any unforeseen disaster or calamity can lead to irreparable data loss.

Some of the important benefits that can be had with respect to redundancy if you choose the services of a quality colocation services providers are mentioned as following:

Redundant power feeds and UPS systems ensure that your servers will not go down in case there is a power failure. Moreover quality service providers have powerful generators for continued server operation in case there is prolonged power failure and UPS may find it taxing to supply power for more time.

Data centres are built in a way to ensure that the temperature of the place housing your server is maintained in a way that produces optimized server performance. The building is designed in a way to ensure that it works in tandem with installed air-conditioning system to keep the temperature low and the hardware cool.

Stringiest security measures in place to ensure every part of the entire IT Infrastructure stays safe and sound at all times. Robust facilities with CCTVs cameras, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, biometric access, mantrap, etc. are available to respond efficiently to any type or form of data threat.

CloudOYE - Your Best Bet

CloudOYE operates India’s leading and one of the most sophisticated and secure data centres. Some of the salient features of its state of the art data centres with N+1 redundancy are as following:

    - All hardware comprising of fault-tolerant components

    - 99.95% uptime for high server availability

    - Proactive monitoring and dedicated support available 24x7x365

    - High speed data transfer

    - Six zone security and many more.